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who owns a Syncro 200? hey tech guys...

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  • who owns a Syncro 200? hey tech guys...

    I think i did this once before. Im still having trouble with my machine. Since im still very wet behind my ears when it comes to tiggin' Im not sure if what im seeing is whats supposed to be happening or not.

    If im doing 0.125" AL 6061 or 5086, I'll generally set my amps to around 95-110. This seems to work "okay". My beads come out looking fairly decent and the cleaning action leaves an etch zone that is about 1/4 the width of the bead. balance is around 1.0-1.5

    My problem lays in the fact that I think this machine isnt working right... It doesnt seem to matter where I set the balance, the cleaning action does not seem to change.

    also the arc strike counter resets at 100 cycles. so my machine has like 20 hours of weld time but only 10 cycles... those are some REALLY long weld beads...

    If i go half pedal (max 90A) say 45 amps, on 1/16th Al, the machine doesnt seem to produce a good bead or any cleaning action whatsoever and the arc is very unstable.

    So am I doing something wrong or is ther a good posibility that its pooched?

    Anyone out there with some insight, your opinions are greatly appreciated.

    Regards, Rich

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    We have a Syncro 200 & 250, problem is:, that I would have to improve just to suck at tig. However, my guys use them on a daily basis and the issues you have described have never (at least as far as I know) happened. I'll copy your thread and give it to one of the guys and see if they can shed some light on this. It sounds like something is out of wack though. Get back to you soon..



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      what size tung
      do you have it set on AC
      do you have a pic so we can help you out.
      how is the HF set up.
      does it start ok but then just wont weld?


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        Rich, try to wait a day. If you don't get more responses, try to re-post on the discussions side. Try it about 10am your time....


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          I am using a 3/32 2% ceriated or thoriated. it doesnt matter the results are the same. Its not about the electrode. its about machine. I may be wrong and I should go recheck, but I dont think that there is any control over frequency other than the set the hot start/cold start values. I have a choice of hot medium or cold. It stays on medium for the most part unless im doing some thick plate.

          The arc dances around if im at half pedal. I have to matt it to get the arc to stabilize. I'll post a couple of pics when i get the chance. Im a little behind myself today and for the next few days...

          TacMig, Thanks alot. I'l look forward to that. finished 'em yet? Im still waiting...

          Will do Bert. Thanks.


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            One: There is no frequency control on a Syncrowave 200. All you have in the way of wave form adjustment is the balance control but it is only a minor adjustment 60/40 max
            Two: The power curve on the pedal is not linear. So half pedal is not half power as set on the front of the machine. I never use the pedal to completely readjust my power I just set the amps a little more then I need on the machine and back off the pedal a smidge then if I need more heat I mash the pedal down. so I think what you are experiencing is normal for the operation of the pedal.


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              non linear huh... Hmmm. that explains alot.
              I think im going to get the machine checked out. I know something is wrong and since its still under waranty... I amy as well. Pmo though.brand new machine and its faulty.. why do I seem to get all the winners...? Uhg.


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                you're not the only one to get stuck with a lemon. Just be glad you have a good company to stand behind the product. you should have no problems getting it taken care of.
                BTW When the company I use-to work for got that Econo tig It came out of the box with a bum pedal. The pedal had a huge flat spot in it. Hit it to start the arc no problem little more pedal no problem the you keep giving it more and it wouldn't get any more heat then you get past that spot and it was full blast.
                It was a pain in the Arse. I hadn't picked up a tig torch in years then we got that machine and it took some time to figure out we had a bum pedal. We bought a new pedal and man what a difference it was like night and day.


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                  movin on up

                  Im going to start thinking about a syncro 250 or one of the inverter machines..

                  Theres a fellow interested in buying my 251 and if so, i'll upgrade to the 252.
                  Im finding that the sync 200 is not adequate for my needs so with a little more power, I will be able to handle all the 1/4" stuff thats been coming my way lately. The 200 get too hot too quick and Ive found myself having to not sure about the dynasty's though. Too much price for a bloody cct board and I do some steel now and again.


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                    wish you were a bit closer I'd come up and buy that 251 in a heart beat. I need a new mig I'm saving my pennies for a 252.


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                      I have a near-new Syncrowave 200 that has been converted to liquid-cooling with a Bernard 3500ss unit and liquid-cooled torch. It will do 1/4 " alluminum quite easily by going slowly at first and letting the heat build up or you can pre-heat.

                      You complain of unstable arc and a counter that resets. Both of those are warranty issues. I think I recall that you posted about this same problem before. I would get warranty repair immediately. I supect a failed circuit board.

                      My counter shows hours used and records each arc start with no resets.

                      Let us know what your Miller warranty shop says.


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                        Thanks Syncro

                        Yep same problem. just wonderin if theres more to my problem than the counter and I think there is. So im going to take this POS machine in shortly. I have no one to help me load the dam thing into the truck... So its a little bit of a challenge for one guy. I guess I'll have to use a comealong and some creative engineering... Sigh.. Why do I seem to get all the lemons?


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                          yep, upgrade to a water cooled torch and it will increase the amount of welding you can do.

                          at the union school i took a part in to get welded. he had the older 180 sync with watercooled torch. 1/4 al was not an issue at all. we even had to build up a spot on a small engine/tranny case. he welded for about 8 minutes straight with no problem.


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                            Well, SOMEONE had to get the lemons, so WE can get the good ones
                            sorry, just itching to say that!!!!!! THIS will prove if your LWS lives up to the ones compared to others on this fourm that have posted how well their LWS bends over backwards for them!!!
                            I would use a comalong to your roof, strap up your syncro and haul it up, suspend in midar, then drive your truck back to it. I have to do this with my MM251 if I ever have to move it. I rather do that than ask "friends" to help me. Then they would think I have to build a truckrack for them for free for helping me do that.....Buy a Dyanasty 200dx, and you won't have that problem anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND if you have to use the 200dx to a clients house, be much easier to plut it into their 110 outlet, or make a pigtail to use their 220v 30amp dryer plug, or 220v 50am range plug. Overall, just much easier to move it around!!! Besides, having adjustable waveforms and such
                            Good luck and tell us how they treat you!!!


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                              Id looooove to get a dynasty, but the price...

                              Bert dont tempt me so... Uhg, I going to suffer from welding withdrawl or something... If I remember right a dynasty is about $7K in canada. Thats 50 bucks for the welder and 6950 for the friken governemnt..


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