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New Mil box and plant stand!

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  • New Mil box and plant stand!

    My latest creations! Mail box is designed after 57 chevy front fender. Planter is an older John Deere!!
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    Last edited by outlaw66; 05-29-2007, 06:41 AM. Reason: Spelling

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    Awesome mailbox, hope a truckload of knuckleheads don't come by in a truck one night for batting practice. Happens around here all the time.


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      It's 1/8" rolled plate, I've thought of that already!!


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        welcome to the site.
        great looking projects.
        i dressed up a mail box also and its servived for a wile now.
        also made a few to sell just havent had a chance to do it. i also want to get a few Miller stickers for the one i'm using, would look nice right behind the flames.
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          That's a sharp looking mailbox and the pole that it's on looks great as well.

          I go through about a mailbox a year. They are serviceable for a year, but they look pretty bad for half that. My neighbor has a threaded pipe in the ground. He screws his mailbox on in the morning before work, and brings the whole mailbox in when he picks up his mail in the evening. Seems to work pretty well for him. I was thinking of making one specifically designed to deflect baseball bats up or down. I was also thinking about making it from 1/4 inch thick plate. Then all I'd have to worry about is sweeping up all the broken baseball bat pieces every Sunday morning . I think in the end it would just end up being the unbreakable comb of mailboxes. As soon as you label something as unbreakable, somebody has to set out on a mission to break it.


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            i think if some one was smashing my mail box on a regulare basis i would fill one with cement and put it out at night. might just knock them out of the truck when thay hit it. be shore to put a nice paint job on it to get there atention.
            there are many ways to make a box no fun to hit, and after the first one smacks your strong box, i'm thinking your box would be safe after that.


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              Nice mailbox

              Hi we really liked your mailbox....but couldn't help but notice you La Crosse Tribune box too. Where is Ciano? We lived in Onalaska for 6 years. Small world isn't it. The J.D tractor is nice too. We tried to e-mail you personally, but it wouldn't go through. We logged on last week under bobwelding, but now this sight changed us to weweld. Frustrating!
              We knew several welder in the Galesville area when we worked at Northern Engraving. Did you ever work there? If you didn't you were lucky!


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                Very nice mailboxes outlaw66 and fun4now, really cool. I had the same problem with my mailbox but cars kept hitting it. I live on a curve with no shoulder and i would lose at atleast 2 a year, So I built a new post all out of a piece of I-beam and a rubbermaid mailbox. I didnt bury it very deep so it just gets knocked over and I can put it right back up. Of course there are usually car parts laying around Also the rubber maid mailbox can take a few bat hits since its flexible.
                I would hate for one of your mailboxes to get destroyed, lots of work in them


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                  I actually only have about two hours total(paint, fab, letter, mounting) in the mail box, and the tractor took less than an hour!!


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                    outlaw 66

                    nice job on your mailbox. that good that you used 1/8 in. i see that the guys are talking about the boneheads that are smashing the boxes. i got friend that had that problem. he told the cops about it but couldnt find who was doing it so he put a qt. of paint in the box it took a week befor they came by on friday night and saturday they found the truck with green paint down the side. ha ha got u.


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                      should have used red, caught you red trucked or was that handed.
                      good idea, i'll have to remember that if mine becomes a target.


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