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Installing wiring in house for MM210 and gas mix question?

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  • Installing wiring in house for MM210 and gas mix question?

    hey guys, i looked in the search menu, but am getting confusing information.

    If i want to run a wire a from my panel to the front of the garage (about 25 ft), would i use a 30 AMP breaker with 10/3 for the wire, or would i use a 40 amp breaker with a 8/3? Also, would these need to be single pole or double pole breakers.

    Finally if i wanted to run a wire out to our shop from the panel, about 75 ft, which type of wire, and breaker would be necessary. Thanks .

    Finally again, for welding 2x3" 1/4" steel, would i use a 100% co2, or the argon/co2 mix. Is the stock regulator/flowmeter not set up to use pure co2 shielding gas? It says in the manual to obtain additional parts.

    Sorry for the long post, its kinda my first real welder and i'm just learning.

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    the MM210 can run on a 30amp 220V breaker, as for the 75ft run, what do you intend to put on the end of it?? were you still refering to the MM210 or do you want to make a sub pannel in the garage??
    you will find the MM210 will work great with .030 wire and c-25 gas. its realy the best setup for it. 100%Co2 is ok at lower amps but can get a lil messy at the higher end on the 210. i did not like the results when i hooked my frends MM210 up to strait Co2, but it shore was sweet on C-25. we only had it on 100%Co2 for a few minuits so maybe with a lil more messing around it might have gotten better, but with C-25 it did a great job on 20gage. congrats on the new 210 its a great welder.


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      The MM210 only needs a 30a, like James said. Mine has full output like that. They don't need a whole lot of juice compared to some. I have mine on a short run and used 10/3.

      C-25 would be my only choice for short circuit work. It may be a little more expensive, but it will be better all around, IMO. Your mileage may vary, though.


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        30A, 2-pole breaker and 10-2 NM cable if wiring from panel to receptacle with Romex or MC cable. You CAN use #12 wire if you want (welder use only), but it's not that much more for a 100% duty cycle circuit with #10.

        Romex doesn't count the ground wire, so you need XX-2 for that. If running from a surface-mounted panel with SO cord, then you need XX-3 because it does count the needed ground.

        CO2 will spatter more at 1/4", but will save money. It also may very likely freeze the stock argon regulator. I KNOW. Some people get away with it, though.


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          thanks guys, i found a 35 ft roll of 10 - 3 in my shop and ran it off a double 30 breaker. I cut off the white wire, and it works like a champ, we tried it yesterday.


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            glad to here it. take care of that 210 and it will take care of you for a long time, its a great unit thats for shore.


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