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steel flower update.

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  • steel flower update.

    well i am up to about 9 flowers now.
    here is a few quick pic of them.
    first pic is most of them. i have 2 in the paint stage right now.
    2nd pic is the one i mounted on a placque, its not painted just coverd it in a clear coat. looks cool that way
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  • #2
    Do they require much water??

    Look pretty cool, lot of work


    • #3
      Do they require much water??
      LOL funny you should mention that i left the plaque one out to dry after coating it and i forgot and left it out all night, yep you guessed it it rained. so its been waterd, but the rest are still going without and showing no signs of wilting. good selling point for the guys out there no wattering needed.


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        flower fun

        It looks like you are having a lot of fun in the shop. Your welding looks great but the paint is really nice. Keep it up, I knew of a shop in Wisconsin that did a great business doing little more than flowers similar to yours and they had plenty of money to buy a water jet. Most of all have fun.



        • #5
          thanks preacher, i do have a good time making them just wish i could spend more time in the shop doing so.


          • #6
            well here are the last 2 after paint. if they dont sell the wife gets a bunch of flowers now and i'm done making them
            if they do sell i have to make more for the wife also so i'll be kinda buisy with them i guess.
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            • #7
              those are cool.

              Can't imagine you won't be able to sell a bunch of them.

              Bet they don't bother your allergies eithor.


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                Bet they don't bother your allergies eithor.
                LOL thats probly wahy thw wife wants them she is alergec to air almost. she is alergic to about 40 things up here and turns into a blown up pumpkin head when summer get here. been to the alergy Dr. and yep you guessed it he gave her more stuff that dosent work.


                • #9
                  How do you make thease i have tried and it did not turn out well thank you


                  • #10
                    Really nice work. Beautiful paint job!


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