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Mig vertical up or down?

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  • Mig vertical up or down?

    Hey guys,
    Its once again been a long time and we are starting solid wire. After my OJT placement I was mig welding my verticals down but yet my teachers are saying that doing it up will be the best result. But my bead looks very nice going down (so does everyones I imagine) they say that it depends on the job at hand for what way you should do it but can you please enlighten me on your opinions on this topic

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    I know where you're at. My inside corner migs welds look much better going down but I hear vertical up gives better penetration but my welds are sound going down. Maybe try both and go into destruct mode and see what's best.


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      dont go down on the first night............... i think its better vertical down. just my.02


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        Is it ok if they carry your books home from school??


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          Up is stronger...Bob


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            for code work with mig the AWS prohibits the use if the method downhill vert .
            simply put it cools quicker and doesn't allow for maximum penetration.
            the reason is uphill offers more penetration ,but it may look worse because your fighting gravity .


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              That's a nice weld to me.........your opinion is valued


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                Up & Down....

                Going up hill does require more attention and following your puddle can be a bummer especially on out of position welds but as mentioned above it is a sounder weld. Here's my solution PULSE IT!



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                  up or down

                  I find that up or down they both look similar, but going up will get more penation there for a better weld


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                    Hey Ryan. Long time, No see.

                    Your instructors are correct. Vertical up is the better weld. Instead of digging around my files to find some photos to illustrate my point, I have a field trip for you.

                    When you have a chance, slide by Linkletter Welding in Central Bedeque. They should still have several tow behind and fifth wheel style trailers on display next to the highway. What I want you to look at specifically is the welds on the I-beam for the goosenecks. They utilize a Vertical Down (Downhand wash) technique for joint effeciency and production that leaves a lot to be desired.

                    When I was at Linkletters last fall (checking them out) I found several of the goosenecks had shallow, concave, sub-standard welds. Some of them, I could even stick the end of my pinky finger into the joint because the weld was so shallow. I'm really not sure how long they will last with the trailer being loaded to capacity.

                    I'll stop there. I don't want to come across as trashing Linkletter's. I'm sure that they do some very nice work, I was just disappointed by the trailers.

                    And I'm POSITIVE that they last thing they wanted to hear was an opinion from a sight-seeing welder from Alberta.

                    Take care young feller.
                    Contact me if you need any help.


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                      Originally posted by monte55 View Post
                      Is it ok if they carry your books home from school??
                      lol yes .


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                        I got it I finally got it I had figured out I had my heat to high for my wire speed and was taking to long in the center of the weld and not takingmy time on each side. It may not be as nice as going down but looks good to me if I can find the weld and get my camera working ill take a picture. Bert its good to hear from you again I think our class will be taking a trip around PEI to all the welding shops ill make sure I get them to stop there


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