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Built my TIG Cart today.......(Rod Holder)

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  • Built my TIG Cart today.......(Rod Holder)

    We, I built my TIG cart today. The filler rod holder came out pretty good if I say so myself!

    Lots more pictures and description here:

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    lookin good


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      Good idea. I hope you don't mind my copying it a bit. Right now my filler rod bundles are just flopping around between the bottles.

      Side note. A guy with a Sincrowave pop riveting aluminum together and posting it on a Welding board?


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        Side note. A guy with a Sincrowave pop riveting aluminum together and posting it on a Welding board?

        YOU WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        I was wondering how long it would take for someone to bring this up! I even told my wife that I would take heat for this............:-)

        Four reasons......#1 I don't know how to TIG yet....#2, the aluminum retainers actually are tightly holding the tubes. They would melt if I put heat to the aluminum. And #3, if I ever need to replace a tube, I can drill out the Pop Rivet and remove the broken tube......and #4, I just love to pop rivet stuff...:-)


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          Hey! Not fair!

          mad: Aw, cmon! That's the first thing I noticed, Vicegrip just beat me to it, 'cause of the time-zone, and I had to sleep! or I WOULD have seen it last night at 1am, right before I went to sleep I'm just wondering where the tank of Argon is going to go???!!!
          Nice job, looks good


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            The Argon tank is mounted...the dials are just peeking out in one of the pictures. Right next to the rod tubes

            Lots more pictures on my web site photo album...




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              OOPS! My bad! Getting old....
              nice job, nice pics!!!!!!
              nice shop! nice step by step pics and explanations
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                Thanks for the kind words......


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                  A couple more additions to the TIG cart...........

                  Added a handle. Electrical EMT...........

                  Found the perfect little tool box at the hardware store. It is a locking "Cash Box" from Master Lock. And it was the PERFECT color!

                  A few pieces of double stick tape and we're done!


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                    adding a handle

                    Nice job! Did you flatten down the emt tubing around the sides? hard to see by the angle in the picture. YOU DRILLED THROUGH THE CASE???
                    looks good!


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                      YOU DRILLED THROUGH THE CASE???

                      I know, I know...........It's early, first day with the new eyes and such........I posted above that I used double stick tape to attach the box. I have some stuff we use at work that is 100 pounds per square inch. Once it sets up, you need to saw it off with a fine piece of wire cable.........

                      The EMT is flattened in the vise at both end. Then bent with a simple EMT pipe bender. A couple longer 1/4-20 bolts...Spray Paint.......done!



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                        gotta get it scratched SOMETIME I guess! Anyways, nice job!


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                          looks great. add what makes it work for ya and enjoy.really nice setup.


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                            Who was the tape made by? 3M makes double stick tape for the automotive indudtry that is really strong and a similar produt holds the moulding and emblems on cars and trucks. If you try to pull the moulding of either it wont come or you will bend the moulding and deystroy it, but if you take a piece of MIG wire and get it started under the mouling you an cut though it and the mouling will come off.
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