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Another broken axle

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  • Another broken axle

    I got another axle repair in today. When I looked it over all I could say is wow!!!
    What were they thinking? I don't know who built this axle but I hope there isn't anymore out there like this. They took a piece of 2"x4" box tube for the main axle beam and added a piece of 2"x2"x14gauge box tube to make the drop and welded the spindle onto the end of that. It's a tandem axle trailer with one Dexter axle and this one, the boat is a 28' cabin cruiser. I think the forward axle has been doing all the work and I really don't know how this has lasted for as long as it apparently has. When I get the new one made I'll post the pics of it. Dave
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    Yikes ; That is a little scary. I always think about this stuff going down the highway & wonder how much cobbled up stuff a guy really meets on the road. I bet it's a good thing we don't know or we wouldn't travel much. Look forward to your design when you get it done.


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      I can top that for stupidity

      Darn scary to see. I've viewed some of your previous posts and I'm sure you will do an infinitely superior job for the owner at a fair price.

      Keep up the good work.

      Last edited by Black Wolf; 05-19-2007, 02:02 PM. Reason: Didn't like how my post made me sound. This is much more positive.


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        broken axle

        looks like he is a luckey guy that it didnt come apart on the road. have fun fixen that one thanks for posting the pics. dave


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          wow!! its crazy what passes for a trailor, too many woried about the $$ insted of quality.
          looking forward to seeing the new ones.


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            What's wrong with 14 ga??????!!!!!!!!!!! Why you knocking 14ga???!!!
            Sorry, I'm laughing too hard More weldors like that out there, more business for you !!! GLAD they brought it over for you, now we can be more comfortable on the road
            Can't wait to see the new pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!


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              new axle

              All right guy's, I know you are expecting some kind of creation from me but I cheated and replaced this axle with a Dexter 4" drop spindle. Much cheaper and easier in this case. Dave


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                i supose we can let it slide this one time.


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                  Dabar you always get the good stuff to work on


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                    It is obviously time for the trailer owner to take a good hard look at the entire trailer to see if maybe it is time to invest in a good galvanized trailer. The heavy rust on that trailer indicates salt water usage and the entire thing may need to be replaced. I couldn't ride down the road pulling a trailer with that kinda rust on it, wondering when it was going to come loose and head towards the oncoming lane. Let us know how it works out!


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