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Welding close to a Laptop

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  • Welding close to a Laptop

    Is there a problem of tigging close to a running laptop? By close I mean at least 6 ft away. Anybody know??

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    Welding too close to a laptop

    This is only based on what I have seen and my experience...I have just retired from the military and we used laptops in the weld shops and they were about six feet from the weld tables. I haven't seen one affected yet by welding but the grinding dust in the keyboard and flying debris was a different story.


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      I didn't think it would be a problem........but it sure does a job on the tv and it's on cable.............thanks


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        Jet Eqpt..

        Originally posted by monte55 View Post
        I didn't think it would be a problem........but it sure does a job on the tv and it's on cable.............thanks

        I try to stay away from my laptop when welding, fried my berries once. Anyway, I notice you use Jet Eqpt. and wanted your opinion on its quality. At present my main fab shop is outfitted with Baileigh. Iron workers, saws, benders etc. We are adding on a smaller fab (16X20) shop next to the main shop to fab smaller jobs i.e. gates, rails etc. in hopes that we won't be climbing on one another. This is long over due! In any event I will be looking into fitting this new shop with a: Bender, bandsaw (wet), medium sized iron worker, various air tools and a positioner and I'm not sure if I want to spend the type of money I did on the Baileigh. I've heard good things about jet and that they rival Baileigh without the price tag? What's you opinion?




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          When I'm welding near any computer equipment I always switch off the HF on the equipment if equipped. HF drives our computer gear crazy here at the shop.


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            Well here is my 10 cents worth:

            In the long term having the computer near the welder will cause problems. Computers have plenty of **** problems without any outside help.

            Definety surges, low voltage situations, strong magnetic fields and strong radio frequencies do effect computers.

            Keep in mind that compressors radomly kicking on add even more static to the lines and sudden big draws - like when your already cutting with the plasma at 40A and you need air.

            I would definetly not want my main work computer in that environment I do of course see the need of having a computer close by for plotting, running cnc type apps and checking on your ebay stuff! I would likely have it as a networked computer with most of the data stored remotely, just in case.

            The more isolated the computer is from the ground paths that your equipment use the better; keep it on a different circuit than any other electric motors or fluorescent lights and have it plugged into a surge protector. That is good practice anywhere, not just in the shop.

            Computer circuits are preferably dedicated with a dedicated ground; wire from ground screw on receptacle to the ground on the distribution panel. Note that in some situations the ground of the panel and the neutral are not one in the same (not common or bonded).

            If your shop wiring is in good shape and done properly it makes a big difference. Running your welder and other equipment basically produces RF all through the wiring surrounding you. The better the wiring, the less transmitted directly to the circuit your computer is on.

            Grounding receptacles with the shortest most direct paths to the main is the key. As an example of how sensitive electronics are to different potentials to ground, if you have cable TV and the cable conductor and the outlet which your TV is plugged into do not share the same ground, you get those "lines" running up your screen. In other words if the outlet is grounded to the panel but the cable to a seperate ground, say a ground rod... you have inteference... lines

            Of course I want to put a computer in my garage/shop. It will be more like a terminal to my house network. I think a rubber keyboard cover will be critical!

            Hope the information is helpful to someone. Building some high end homes with alot of intergrated electronics I have dealt with way too many interference issues.o



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