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any one ever make a tow dolly or a lift for a pickup to pull cars like the repo guys

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  • any one ever make a tow dolly or a lift for a pickup to pull cars like the repo guys

    i'm looking to make my truck pull some cars to make a lil $$ with my brother, a tow dolly would probly be the easyest but i was thinking a flip out lift would be cool and make it so the car/truck only needs 2 good tires to tow it.
    any one ever make one of these ?? or a tow dolly??

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    I made one for towing cars to the demolition derby. unfortunately I did not take any photos of it but I know the guy I sold it to I could always see if he still has it and see if I could get some photos if you like. It was a fairly simple design, no suspension, light truck rims and tyres and a standard towing hitch.


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      I have a set of plans for a tow dolly that I can try to download and e-mail to you if you want. Dave


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        thanks guys that would be great.
        a set of real planss would be great.
        thanks pic's would be cool give me some thing to look at and see another option to see what fits our buget and needs.
        i'll take a pic of the stuff we have togather to build with now but not shore what i still need to get untill i decide on a plan and get it started.
        all the help i can get would be great.

        we have a 28ft boat tandum axel trailor we will be using after we get it back down from the cottage up north and do a lil reworking of it but a dolly is the fastes way to get started and to finance the trailor remods.
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          Check your e-mail as I've sent you quite a few to the address listed. It would only let me send a few at a time. You should recieve a total of about 30 pages enclosed as attachments. Let me know if you get them and if it's what you were looking for. If you can't open them for some reason send me a street address and I will burn a copy to disc and send via snail mail. Dave


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            I,m sorry

            The guy I sold it to has on sold it and I can't find where its gone so no Photos sorry. I tried making a drawing but it was too big to upload. I'll keep looking for the dolly or try a different method of drawing


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              thanks guys, i'm hopeing to get started on this next week or this weekend if i can.
              thanks for all the help.


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                I built some from an axle and 3x3x1/4 angle and 3x3 tube for the tongue. I inverted the angle ---^--^ for the wheels to set in with the axle welded in the center. The tires sit on the axle also...Bob


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                  how did it turn ?? dosent it need to alow the wheel mounts to turn and pivot so the thing can go around corners.
                  wow!! when you said a set of plans you were not kidding. thats one sweet tow dolly, way nicer than i need but it should realy help get me going inthe right direction.
                  do you make them a lot ?? i would think you should be able to get a good $$ for that setup. its realy nice. if i can get the $$ togather i just might make some by the print to sell to the snow birds.


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                    dabar, I'd love a copy of those plans if I could get one. I've got plans in mind, but I'd love to see yours.


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                      Bareback Jack

                      send me an e-mail address in a private message and I will try to send them to you. dave
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                        Car Dolly

                        try looking at


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                          Originally posted by fun4now View Post
                          how did it turn ?? dosent it need to alow the wheel mounts to turn and pivot so the thing can go around corners.
                          You strap the front wheels to the dolly and leave the steering column unlocked. The dolly swivels with the front suspension.


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                            Take your camera down to U-haul. I know they have them and if memory serves they looked decent in passing. ( good for ideas anyhow )


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                              tow dolly plans

                              I am looking for plans to build a tow dolly. Can anyone send me a copy of the plans?
                              Pictures would also be nice to have too.



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