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any one ever make a tow dolly or a lift for a pickup to pull cars like the repo guys

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    Tow Dolly

    The message look a little dated but looking the one from dabar39 with the tow dolly plans can anyone send me the plans or tell me where to download them from. It would be nice to have one of these for my old motorhome.


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      Tow Dolly Plans

      I'd really appreciate a copy of your tow dolly plans also. Thanks,


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        dolly plans

        sure sounds great to have dolly plans,ttried to build one and didn't come out right anyone have a good SAFE dolly plans


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          Tow Dolly Plans

          If one of ya'll are willing to pay $30.00 for dolly plans, Northern Tools have blueprints. I don`t know how good they are, but they have copyrights and are engineer approved, so it says. Go to click on Trailer + Trailer Part then on Trailer Blueprints Item #128540 car dolly.


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            Tow Dollie Plans

            dabar32 I was woundering if I can get a copy of those plans if it still available?????
            Thank You
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              To all of those that have been sending e-mails and p.m.'s about getting a copy of these plans, they are no longer available. They were on my old computer that crashed and we have not had the time to retrieve the info off of the hard drive as of yet. When I do get to retrieve the old files I will post it and at that time any one who would like a copy will be sent one. Dave


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                finaly tracked it down

                here is the only photo I could get of it
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                  Thank You

                  Thank You
                  I understand I'm A computer tec.
                  I will be looking forward for the plans when you do get them.
                  If you have a working computer you can slave the crashed harddrive to the working one and retrieve the files this way.
                  If you need help I will be happy to help ya.


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                    I too would love to see a copy of these plans


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                      tow dolly, 4 down and boat trailer

                      Tow dollys are very hard to find. I would be so grateful
                      if anyone has a copy of dabr39 's tow dolly plans they
                      could send to me. I need to build a tow dolly this spring.

                      Also if anyone has or knows how to make a 4 down hitch
                      for an RV we need to make one of those too.

                      My son wants us to make him a boat trailer for 24'.

                      Any help would be appreciated.

                      Email me for my address if you have things to snail mail.
                      I am happy to pay for copys or cds of plans.

                      Thank you. Rose


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                        My God! Someone says they have plans and the darn thread just gets filled with beggers!!

                        GO OUT AND BUY THEM!!! They are copywritten!

                        Please quit wasting everyones time with a thread filled asking for FREE $hit!

                        Nothing pisses me off more then crap like this!

                        Be creative and come up with your own! It's okay to ask for help but when ask for plans why stop there, why don't I just build the darn thing aslo and ship it to you for free!

                        The whole welding project section (photo area) is filled with "man love to get a copy of your plans" or "I need a copy of the plan for my senior project"

                        And it's always the guys with one or two posts, then you never hear from them again! I know I'm new here but not looking for FREE PLANS!

                        I just seen how dated this post is, oh well, still makes me mad..

                        Last edited by FluxThis; 02-04-2009, 11:18 PM.


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                          great offer

                          why don't I just build the darn thing also and ship it to you for free!

                          thats great of you to offer, I'll e-mail you my address . how long till ya think you could ship me the trailer ??

                          LOL. i just had to do it.

                          by the way, welcome to the forum. i been bizz-Aya and not on as much of late, must have missed your first post.


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                            I wasn't directing this towards you, it was the other single post leaches..

                            Thank you for the welcome! Glad to be here..

                            I usually don't get so mad so fast, but I was intrested in the post and just got pissed as I was reading it..

                            I'm okay now


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                              I wasn't directing this towards you,

                              great, dose that mean your not making me a trailer ???

                              LOL never took it personal, just having some fun. welcome aboard.


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                                Originally posted by FluxThis View Post
                                I wasn't directing this towards you, it was the other single post leaches..

                                They're almost as bad as the guys who drag up dead topics.... and steal avatars.
                                Last edited by Slash; 02-05-2009, 11:08 PM.


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