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OT:Bad Accident!

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  • OT:Bad Accident!

    This happened out in front of the house this afternoon. 4 lanes of 55mph traffic. Hard to tell what exactly happened, but looked like a head on. Four people where involved, one was life flighted and the only ambulance that I saw leaving the scene did not have its lights and siren on (not a good sign). Traffic was re-routed for about 2hrs. I'll have to find out more about what happened in the paper tomorrow.

    Don't worry, there are no "gory details" in the pics.
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    ts -off -road looks bad the chooper is always a bad sign. iwas on the fire& the village i live in i have seen some bad ones. the ones where i was cutting out my own frinde he didnt make it.


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      Nice BK117 Eurocopter! FYI most of those helicopter places offer a kind of insurance for cheap (60$ a year) which is much better than 9000. If you live in the boondocks like me its good to know your coordinates as well. Borrow someone's GPS.
      Hope those folks do OK.


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        glad you were not involved, sorry to here it for thouse that were. too many people just dont pay atention when driving, we just have too comfortable car's and way to much going on i guess but seems like no one is paying atention any more. it realy wories me that the wife wants to start driving with all the fools out there that should not be driving,she drives prity good but its the rest of them we have no controle over.


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          Link to the story from todays news.


          • #6
            just as i suspected some one not paying atention to what they were doing.
            stupid people piss me off, if you are going to drive then drive dont chat,read daydream or talk on the phone, just pay atention and freaking drive.


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              No alchohol, but I'm suspecting a cell phone was involved.


              • #8
                Why do these accidents keep happening?

                You see it all the time where it is broad daylight with no visibility problems and people are so distracted by things other than driving. Last week a friend of mine's daughter was killed while riding her motorcycle. she was just riding down the road and somebody turned in front of her, she was just 20 years old, what a waste. Dave


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                  sorry to here about your frends dauter. too many just dont consider driving a dificult task and take it for granit, get too relaxed and start thinking of other stuff insted of driving. car's have gotten so comfortable people seem to forget they are driving i guess, try that in my old 51 pickup LOL you know you are driving when in it, and people stay out of your way too.LOL


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