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625 vs. 2050 plas cutter.

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  • 625 vs. 2050 plas cutter.

    Do any of you own either of these plasma machines? Looking to buy either one but looking for any input on these. Of course the ideal would be the spectrim 1000, but not wanting to spend THAT much money. I do mostly light and medium fabrication. I've read about the products on miller's web site but I want real experince's of people who own these, good, bad, shouldof, couldof, wouldof. One thing's for shore, whatever I buy it will be MILLER BLUE. Thanks for all your input. Kris

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    Yes we own a 2050 machine & have had it for about 5 years now & happy with it. Neighbors have bought 625 hyper's this spring & are very happy with them as well. You probably know that Hyper makes most of Millers stuff as well. One other neighbor has the 1000 & pleased as well. If you compare apples to apples especially in the larger class, I'd give Hyper a slight edge advantage in my experience. Nothing serios wrong with the Miller thoug as I like my Blue as well.


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      I Bought A Miller Spectrum 625 4years Ago And I Am Very Pleased
      With It.the Big Thing With Plasma Cutters Is To Make Sure You
      Filter Your Air Before It Goes Into The Machine.the Cleaner The
      Air The Cleaner The Cut And The Better It Will Perform.


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        Have 625

        My name is John and I am just new to this.I just got my first plasma cutter ,
        Miller 625 very happy.Want to work out of my own shop.4 X 4 guys ,bike builders
        skateboarders just light work.


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          Kris, we have a Spectrum 2050 at work and it is a good unit other than the consumables don't seem to last very long and they are a bit expensive. I have an ESAB at my shop and it works every bit as well as the Miller if not better. I don't have to change the consumables nearly as often and they aren't as expensive. I do however like the cabling on the Miller better. I don't like to say this because I eat, sleep and breathe BLUE, but I am somewhat dissappointed in the Miller Plasmas. I use my ESAB at home much more than we use the Miller at work and it seems to be a better unit. Just my opinion. Mike.


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            625 vs 2050


            Consider the following when comparing the 625 vs 2050 ...

            What material type and thickness will you typically cut?
            The 625 is rated to cut 1/2" mild steel at 10 inches per minute while the 2050 is rated for 3/4" mild steel. Derate cut speed by approximately 30% for aluminum or stainless

            What voltage will power the machine?
            The 625 requires single phase 208/230 while the 2050 provides a wider input power range 208 to 575 single or three phase

            Answering the questions above may go along way in providing the answer you are seeking.



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              HARDROCK makes an excilent point about the air. not only will it produce beter cuts but it will increase the consumables life span. with good clean air eather of the cutters you want should make you verry happy. just decide how thick you will need to cut and go that way or get the larger if you have the $$ as you can always turn it down but max is always max.
              think about future possible projects, if you forsee any thicker stuff comming your way go with the 2050 if you cant see out growing the 625 and its plenty go with it. personaly i would go with the largest i could justify the expens of, if you would prefer the 1000 then i would defenetly go 2050 as you seem to be looking at thicker work be it now or later. no point in loosing $$ to upgrade later its much cheaper to just go up a size the first time.


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                2050 plaz

                Got the 2050 this week and used it today, so far pleased with the cutting range. Thanks for all your input. Kris


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                  I have a 2050 but no matter what you by keep the air very dry and clean; It will cut down on haveing to buy more parts every time you turn around.


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                    congrats on the new toy.
                    seems like ya always need more consumables, sereous bummer but man are they conveaneant to have around. especily for a few quick cuts, much nicer than messing with a torch.


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                      Anybody know where to get discount comsumables for the plasma cutters?


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                        a serch might help or start a new post. i know its been coverd befor so there must be a good e-bay or internet site.
                        i need some now too as i just put in my last set.
                        i'll start a post and one of us should get an answer.
                        i would do a serch but i never have any luck with them not here or on the net, just serch incapeable.


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                          keep a wach on these post's also.


                          they might give some results.
                          welcome to the site.
                          what cutter do you have ??
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