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hunting for info!

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  • hunting for info!

    Hey Guys,
    I need some help trying to find a thread. There was a new guy from Texas that had built a new weld trailer that was Miller Blue. It was a very well built trailer w/ a big work box on the front. If you are this person or you have any leads to this thread , please direct me there.
    Thanks, JWOOD

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    hunting for info

    Go to the search, type in welding trailer and any posts about trailers will come up. should narrow down the search a little. Dave


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      I already did that several times and have not been able to locate the thread.
      I'm not having any luck. I'm not totally incompitent, but this is unfortunately a little harder than your usual search. This was his 1st post and was showing the trailer off and he was from Texas. I have done searches on all these and have not found it. If someone comes across it I would appreciate it.
      Thanks, JWOOD


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        Welding Trailer

        Is the trailer that you are looking for in one of these pics?
        Attached Files


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          Hi Darmik,
          I been looking for that trailer too! It's the one with the diamond plate box on the front. could you post the link to the thread up or tell me what search you ran to find it?

          Many thanks



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            That might be my welding trailer project. If so, here is the link


            It was posted on the motorsports forum and not the welding projects. Perhaps that's why it doesn't show up on the search. I wish Miller would combine the two forums.
            Last edited by garybdavis; 04-26-2007, 11:48 AM.


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              That's one nice trailer! I love the recessed locks, I was wondering what those big holes in the toolbox were for 'till I saw the closeup pic!


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                you do build some nice looking tarilers thanks for the pics


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                  Trailers are really not my thing.I try very hard to stay away from them unless it was for my self of course all the pics that I have posted belong to somebody eles not sure who though.


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                    Many thanks guys,

                    Gary do you still have copies of the cad drawings / calcs? would be interested in seeing them.

                    After using the trailer for a while how are you finding it now?
                    I am especially interested in the toolbox on the front as i do lots of sitework and need to make 5 strong boxes for storing gear on my current job. We got a big problem with security on this site they're even stripping the pipe out of the racks!

                    Great Job on it by the way real quality outfit - well done!



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                      The trailer is working out pretty good. It tows nice, but with the time I spent calculating the center of gravity before I built it, I expected nothing less.

                      The tool box is home made, 14ga for the sides and 1/8" for the top with a 1/4" lid lip and 1x1x1/8" top lip inside the box. Hand blending the outside corner edges with diamond plate was a bit tricky, but it ended up looking pretty good. I made it bigger than I thought I would need and that turned out to be the right choice. I have it pretty well stuffed, but I don't have to go looking for tools when I go out to weld something. The gas springs for the lid were provided by a company that does the placement/sizing calculations for free. That detail is in the original post as is my contact info for cad/calcuation files.

                      The locks setup on the front of the box is a pretty standard setup for strong boxes. The only way you can get in is to pick the locks or use a cutting torch. If you need more detailed pics, send me an email which is available in the original post.

                      Thanks for all the kind comments.
                      Last edited by garybdavis; 04-27-2007, 07:15 AM.


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