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broken trailer tongue

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    How did you make out with the info I sent you, Wes is a real nice guy and should be able to make you happy. Dave


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      Originally posted by dabar39 View Post
      How did you make out with the info I sent you, Wes is a real nice guy and should be able to make you happy. Dave
      I called them and they are very nice. He gave me a number in indiania which is probably closer. I called them and they dont carry anything as big as what we use. The shoes are 12 1/4" x 5". They are on Dexter 12000lb hi-profile dual wheel axles. They do have interchange stuff on smaller axles that sounds good. We can probably use the smaller stuff. Thanks for the info


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        angle tongue 3500

        i bought this after the 2nd hurricane from indian river trailers, it has angle for the tongue. its a 6x10 3500 lb. this seems to be the norm around here on the east coast of florida...tony
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          tony j

          I worked for the original owner of Indian River trailers many years ago. Thanks for the pic. to back up what I have been trying to tell a few of the people on this thread. Dave


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            The empty weight of the trailer is 880 lbs., I'm sorry but I did forget to add the weight of the soda machine to the equation.

            16,000 lb. truck moving at approximately 6-8 m.p.h.
            fence post holding rear of trailer from moving
            trailer weight 880lbs + 350lb machine = 1230lb. total trailer weight (unless of course you think the weight of the straps should be figured in add another 1-2 lbs.

            Now with the corrected figures kindly explain how it would factor in any different result.

            The truck will always win.
            I would really like to have an engineer do the math and figure it out, and finally put this to rest. If I am wrong I will openly admit that I'm an incompetant idiot, If I'm not wrong we will just put it to rest. No hard feelings either way. Dave


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              Jokes on you, I ain't mad. I would just like some of you people doubting the design of the trailer back it up with some real hard facts not just personal opinion. I am defending my work, designs, welding abilities, over all competance, and pride. If I thought for a second that I was doing something wrong it would be changed immediately, if not I wouldn't be able to consider myself a professional. Dave


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                i never doubted your welding in the least just the design using angle iron on the tongue. i guess we will just have to agree to disagree. sorry if i upset you in any way just trying to let everyone know MY opinon whether mine is right or wrong that is just what I think


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                  You have not upset me in the least. A few people have stated that this is a very poor design for a trailer tongue, but I'm not the only one doing it. I am asking for the doubters to back up their personal opinion with hard facts as to the issue. Who's right , who's wrong, I can't determine that as of now because nobody has given me any documented proof that this is a bad idea. The only thing I have gotten so far is personal opinion.
                  I don't have a degree in engineering so all I can do is look at the industry as a whole, and if the majority of builders are doing the very same thing only two conclusions can be made.
                  1. We are all doing it right, or 2, we are all doing it wrong. I just find it hard to believe that with the amount of builders using this tongue design, we are all doing it wrong.


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