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I wish I had this guy's money

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  • I wish I had this guy's money

    I custom built this guy a 24' trailer to fit his butterfly deck mowing tractor, You know the kind you see on the interstate. He bought it to move two of them to N. Carolina. He also had me convert a two horse trailer from a bumper pull to a goose neck. He now decides it will take too many trips to get all his stuff up north so he goes out and buys a brand new Peterbuit and a 53' trailer for the move. He calls me up this evening and asks me to pick up these trailers and if I would try and sell them for him. This guy has spent a ton of money for me to build this trailer, modify the other one and I also built him two motorized horse walkers as well. When I asked him what to ask for the new trailer he says I don't know its used, try to get me 2 grand for it (he picked it up last week and drove his tractor on and back off). Iwish I had money to throw away like that.
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    You wish you had his money. I wish I had your talent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    B-e-a-utiful trailer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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      Thanks for the compliment, wanna but it and get it out of my driveway?


      • #4
        on 2 conditions:
        1) Ship to Hawaii for free (and don't add that to the price )
        2) Buy me a house with enough land to park it there. In fact, make sure
        there is a BIG garage, so I can have a welding shop also!!!!!!!!!


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          nice job on the tairler.should be easy to sell.


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            just out of curiosity, what do those tractors weigh? Obviously, I'm in no position to know what the towing parameters are for the setup, but I'd keep an eye on the neck-to-coupler area. That's a point of high leverage and torque-induced tension/compression stresses when towing a load on a goose neck. I've never liked messing with the neck areas on those....very awkward to get everything to line up right! SSS


            • #7
              tractor weight

              According to the owner one weighs 4500lbs. and the other around 6500lbs.


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                well we cant all have that kind of $$ but atleast you got to make a few $$ making it and if he only wants $2,000 for it you should make a few more $$ in the selling process. thats a realy nice looking trailor, great work.
                and if you do get his kind of $$ be shore to send some my way...or tell me how ya did it.


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                  Originally posted by dabar39 View Post
                  According to the owner one weighs 4500lbs. and the other around 6500lbs.
                  Ok, I'm on the same page now....I was thinking about some of the tractors they use out here for the grasslands. Big 100+hp, 4WD, triple decked beasts that some of the counties and highway departments use. SSS


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                    Sell the trailer for $4000 and make $2000 for yourself. I have sold some equipment like that, on consignment. Make sure I know what the owner wants for it and then anything extra is yours for selling it. Nice job on the trailer it looks cool.


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                      I thought I would bring this back up. So dabar have you sold this yet by chance? Probly out of the question but as it turns out this is exactly the type of trailer my dad wants but is kinda of to far to pick up and my welding skills aren't good enuff yet for me to be trusting them on a trailer I bet if I were to throw one together it would hold but not taking any chances.

                      p.s. maybe I can get the guy that came into your shop for a job to build me a trailer


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                        Hopefully he sold it already! $4,000 to sell it instantly, probably cost someone else $6-8,000 anywhere else!
                        Well Dave? you sell it?


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                          Sold, to the highest bidder

                          This trailer is long gone. Listed it on ebay for 3 days as a no reserve auction and it went to a buyer in Wilmington, Delaware. I believe it went for somewhere around 33 hundred. Dave


                          • #14
                            cool! EVERYONE MUST BE HAPPY!!! Owner, you, and DEFINATELY the buyer from e-bay


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                              When you converted the BP to gooseneck, did you have to move the axles rear-ward to improve your CG? I've just extended a 21' BP to a 28' BP for use pulling my John Deere 2155 w/ 1000lbs bushhog and I either need to a) install another axle (for a total of 3) or b) move my two existing axles several feet toward the rear.

                              Every trailer/axle formula I've seen says that the axle of a trailer should be 1" rear of the center of the trailer for every foot-long the trailer is (ie: a 28' trailer axle should be 28" rear of the center of the trailer) you agree with this? Should that 28" apply to the forward-most axle or to the center of the two axles (or to the center axle if I go with 3 axles...)??

                              I'm assuming that, in your BP-to-GN conversion, you purchased the coupler tube and fabricated the rest of the 'neck with channel and angle...? What size channel/angle did you use and in what thicknesses?

                              Thanks for any advice you care to send my way.



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