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HF Start works poorly on 200dx

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  • HF Start works poorly on 200dx

    Hi guys,

    New to the forum, not new to tig welding, been using my Thermodynamics tig for 12 years now... anyway I recently bought this 200dx for a "at the track tig" and just getting around to playing with it.... 9 times out of 10 the HF start will not work, where as my other tig as soon as you close the contactor, HF start works right away.. My new 200DX is lucky to start the first try, even after waiting for 5+ seconds... nothing .. crank up the amps and it may start, but will quiclky melt thin alum on start up... if you try the lift tig way it will start.. but that's not how it should work... Most of the time it will just arc... like the ground is not connected to your work peice while HF start is used... ya know, like a spark plug.

    Am I missing something here or do I need to send my NEW machine out for service.

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    My DX quit working with less than 2hrs on it. It needed a new HF board, but Miller just outright replaced the whole machine. Ask the supplier you bought it from to call their Miller rep, they may just exchange it for you.


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      Check your Hi Freq settings. You can adjust the Hi Freq intensity at start up and the starting polarity. Before turning on your machine hold down on the process and main amperage pads. Turn you'r machine on while holding them down and continue to hold them down until the digital readout says DC - or DC+. Thats the polarity it will start on. DC+ has better starting abilitys but also ***** up more on startup. Use the dial to choose witch one. Press the process button again and it will give you the starting amps. the starting surge of amps works best in the 20 - 45 amp range for most aplications. Press process again and it will let you set the time in tenths of a second that the extra surge of amps will be on for. Make sure you have it set on AC TIG before you shut it of to reset the starting paramiters for AC or it will show the starting paramiters for DC-. (same options except you can't set the starting polarity.) When your done just hit the foot pedal or turn the machine off then back on to exit the starting paramiters menu and get back to the normal menu. Also check to see if your on continues Hi Freq or lift TIG. Since the dynasty series is cappable of AC aluminum with out Hi Freq it might not autimaticly default to Hi Freq cont. I've ran the 200 series quit a bit before and the Hi Freq isn't the best, but reseting the paramiters if there to low shoud help alot.

      Hope this helps


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        I was having some HF hard starting problems with my D200DX when I first got it, I pulled off the wrapper and ran a .009, very clean, feeler guage thru the points and followed by a .010 feeler guage, I havn't had a problem since.


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          The spark gap points should be set to .08" apart


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            Originally posted by Anti-GMAW View Post
            The spark gap points should be set to .08" apart
            Just going by what the Tig guys at Miller told me.


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              I've never used a Dynasty, but I know that some welders will not start the arc or even high frequency until the pre-flow timer has shut off. Just some food for thought.


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                you might pop open the dins conector and make shore its got a good conection. i had the same problem with my TA-185 turns out the dins conector was loose, the cable is much smaller than the dins clamp on the TA's. did a hole post of what it was and how i fixed the problem. could be the same thing with yours.


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