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Question about purchase

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    1000'??????? Did you maybe mean 100'? As long as the leads are sufficient in size for the current/distance, you can run a VS feeder as far away as you want. The RC feeders say they have a 75' max. FWIW, at 1000' and 100a, you would need 4/0 or maybe even 1000 cable. Very expensive to say the least.

    The Linc Tombstone is the small red stick machines that Linc has had around forever. They sorta look like a tombstone...hence the name.


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      Nope, you heard right. One thousand feet. A buddy of mine has a setup with 1000' of lead and 1000' of ground cable. It's size 4/0 cable. He's gone on vaccation and ows me favors, so he's letting me use his machine for a side job. It's in a difficult to reach and remote location. The job would pay for the feeder several times over and I wish to use the feeder on my new dynasty 350 I'm getting in a couple of months.


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        Actually, 1000' of each would be 2000' of lead. I do not know if it would work. At that length, a single 4/0 would be way too small. The voltage loss would be enormous. You never said what amperage/voltage. That makes a difference. The weld engineers would say you would need to run either double or quad cables to carry the voltage maybe. If you are just running a low amperage job, then it may work. The machine voltage would have to be turned way up to compensate for the loss, though.

        The best way is to let the Miller engineer types tell you. 920-735-4505 would get you an answer on the leads and voltage drops.

        If it were my job, I'd be looking at alternatives. That is way too much lead to be running. Weld quality would be in question without the exactly perfect setup.


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          Hi Short Arc,
          You should not have any problems at all running that Lincoln MIG off of a Trailblazer. The feeder that you heard had problems running off of the Trailblazer was not nearly the quality of a Miller or Lincoln. Some feeders do require that the frequency be 60 Hz when plugged in (machine in high speed lock), but as far as voltage goes, the Trailblazers is fixed and very stiff providing great power.

          I hope this helps. Have fun with your new Trailblazer!


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            The genarel rule for compensating for voltage loss is 1 extra amp for every
            10'. So I need 200 extra amps. I would need aproxamitly 150 amps (350 total) to do this job using SMAW, but It's alot of welding and it would take forever. I can't get closer without excivating alot of large trees and I'd like to avoid that. If the suitcase won't work then I'll just do it with stick. (cringe)
            I'm going to buy the feeder for use with my soon to come dynasty 350 anyways, so I geuss I'll give it a try. If it doesn't work I'll just switch to stick.


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              Suit yourself. I am thinking the VS feeder will act strangley with that much voltage drop...compensated or not. They are extremely sensitive to drops and will not function at all below 15vdc...14vdc with the Extreme VS.

              You may want to do some research on the Dynasty/VS feeder combo on Miller's Ask Andy site. I seem to recall it not being a recommended setup.


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                1000' means more voltage drop. With 4/0 cable that should not be too bad. The major thing to watch out for is welding with all of that cable coiled up. Coiled up cable is a big inductor and will give you bad (sluggish like) welding performance, especially if it is coiled up on a reel.


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                  Ya, I prety much decided against using the suitcase on this job. But I'd still like to use the suitcase on a dynasty to save some space. It would be a shaim if I got the suitcase for the dynasty and it wasn't that great, thanks for the heads up on that. How do you get to the "Ask Andy" section, I don't want to spend the money if it works like crap in that configuration.
                  And yes it does perform a litle sluggish when using the full length of cable. But as far as the induction issue goes it isn't a problem, every 25' theres a camlock conector, so you just take what you need and connect it to the machine. My buddy originaly just had the full cable hooked to the drum and the drum to the macine, but the insulation stared heating up to much, so he wen't and spent a fortune on connectors. (not that he can't aford it.) I'm jelous of rich people


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