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School isnt that bad after all

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  • School isnt that bad after all

    For the first time in over a year I am actually enjoying school the only time before this was when Iw as in 3 welding classes in one day that was my nirvana I am taking Cooperative Education, I'm not sure if all of you are familiar with this course. We have 6 weeks in class were we do enough work to cover probably a little over a term then after we complete the work we get a on the job placement were we would like to go to (only if the employer agrees to take you). As I told everyone before about the new job I got at the stainless shop I didn't go their right off the bat I used that as my Coop placement. The rule was we cant leave until after march break (thats a little over a week until the break) So I found out since I worked my butt off in class for 4 weeks he is letting me out a week early I start monday . When I herd my name get called today I almost fainted. I have been looking forward to this opportunity since last year when i signed up for the course. In the end I'm hoping that I will end up getting a summer job out of it. I know I'm going to work hard and I will prove myself their so all thats left is hoping and giving it 100% everyday now until the end.

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    Hey man You sound pretty perkie about the hole thing I think you will do fine and good luck eh.


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      Good to see you working on your grammer I think you have a great sense of drive, and deserve the opportunity that has been put forth to you. A large percentage of students do the Co-op programs and find out what they dont want to do for a career. You are lucky to be young and have the chance to do something that your heart is in to. Goodluck. Never stop asking questions.


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        Thank you Johnny, Darmik. The one thing I can say about my grammer is I use spell check It's really my lifeline. I am ordering my Miller elite helmet early next week as well, I have decided I will get The Joker one. I will never stop asking questions, I would really really appreciate getting some tips for Tig welding stainless I have done it but I when I do it I get way too much penetration, is that because I am moving to slow my amps were set to like 95 (they said I can tig very well when my amps are high but they want me to start with low amps) should I just speed up a bit or speed up alot? I was doing 3/8 plate.


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          I take it you are doing an open root on 3/8" plate? Are you free handing or cup walking? have you learned the 'lay rod' technique? Low amps for the root and hot pass control the penetration better than high amps and faster travel speed. I can't remember off hand what works well for me but I think somewhere in the range of 65 amps for the root sounds about right. Also, are you using a back purge? Either a purging bar or trough will drastically change the penetration characteristics. If you want better help you need to provide as much info about your setup as you can. Are you scratch starting with a fixed amperage, or using a pedal?


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            I would be scratch starting. I wanted to learn on pedal but the only welder they had for me to use was the one you control with your finger. From my understand of cup walking does that mean laying the cup on an angle of the metal? The way I use the rod is a have my hand on the table and I have the rod held like I would hold my pencil. I am only doing lap joints an t joints single passes. they are just trying to teach me how to do it so far.


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              Cup walking is when you roll the edge of the cup on the surface of the joint side to side in a forward progression while directing the arc over the filler metal melting and fusing it at a disired bead width. The size of gas cup you use determinds the ease of walking, and the width of the bead. Sometimes the walk is a rolling motion, and sometimes it's a zigzag. When you cup walk you lay the filler into the joint and hold it stationary, usually at about a 10 to 15 degree angle with slight pressure causing the filler to bow, keeping it tight in the joint. Different filler sizes are needed for subsequent passes, or fusing two fillers together side by side.

              As for you comment about too much penetration, in reguards to fillet welds, you shouldn't be getting any burn through on laps and tees, therefore your amperage setting is too high or your travel speed is to slow, or a combination of both among other things.

              Try emailing KB Fabrications, he would most likely have some very good pointers for you about TIG.


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                hey man good luck with that ill be folliwng right up behind u on that i plan on opening my own shop with int he next 5 to 10 years.


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                  Thanks everyone. I ended up getting my Elite helmet, I didn't get the joker I got the inferno, I grew to love it a bit more then the joker. I'm starting my placement tomarrow so i get to try out my tig gloves and my metal gloves and the new helmet, ill keep you all updated. A very good day tomarrow


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