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The right cable liner?

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  • The right cable liner?

    I have a Millermatic 200 with a GA-20c gun; for a number of years I've been running 045 wire but I need to switch back to 023. I went to install my old 023 liner but it was kind of funky so I decided to get a new one.

    My local dealer told me the 030/035 liner was the smallest available and said the 030/035 liner would work fine for 023.

    Any thoughts or experience running 023 in the larger size liner?

    Thanks in advance for the help.

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    I have a MM200 and asked on here about getting a replacement strain relief for my GA-20C gun. One of the guys from Miller answered my question, they had the parts at Miller available, just have my lws order the parts.

    I just did a consumables check for the GA-20C on Miller's site. The proper liner for 0.023/0.025 wire is p/n 090 336 and is still available. If your lws doesn't know this, maybe he should call Miller first before saying he can't get it. If he doesn't want to order it for you, find another welding supplier that will.

    From what I have read on here, you need to use the proper liner for the size wire you are using otherwise the wire may fold up on itself inside the liner and cause nothing but trouble. I would get the right liner and not risk messing up my other liners or ruining my gun altogether.
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      i dont see any problem with running .023 wire in the 30/35 liner if its steel solid core wire, the aluminum or flux core being a softer wire you might have some problems with though. have you tryed running the .025 wire in the .045 liner?? solid steel may even run ok in that one, its prety stiff stuff. i would try it befor spending $$ on a new liner, mine is lined for .030/.035 and i run almost exclusively .023 wire with some .035 flux core on acation and never change the liner. the right size liner just helps the softer wires to not birds nest, on the stiffer stuf you can get a lil slopy without any problems.

      that being said i agree, always call miller direct on parts when the LWS gives you a no go. if nothing else miller can get you the replacement numbers off something else that will work for your welder, then all you have to do is give the #'s to the LWS and tell them to order it for ya.
      thanks for the help
      hope i helped
      feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat.
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        Past exp......

        I worked for a rental welding house for many years. All our wire feeder boxes (LN 25, Super S32P, and Hobart Hefftys) had >064 liners....customers could run .023 through 1/16 wire w/no problems. Try it and simplify your life.

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