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Welding rigs -- Details

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  • Welding rigs -- Details

    There was an excellent thread started last winter by Mr. Hall with pictures of everybody's rigs. We're still waiting for Portable Welder's pictures, I guess nobody's holding their breath.

    Now it's time for details -- what do you actually carry on your truck, why you carry what you do, how you organize (or disorganize , as the case may be) to fit your work and clientele? We're all a little bit different, some of us do a little of everything, some of us specialize in certain types of work, some have rigs just to take care of in-house work on their own enterprises. Then we have the pipe welding rigs, which is an entirely different world, with their own specialized tools and layout equipment. We have big trucks, little trucks, and everything in-between represented here, I'd like to see them all, pickups, flatbeds, and utility vehicles. Smaller rigs would be particularly interesting, since with size/weight restrictions you would have to make harder choices, and maybe come up with some unique solutions.

    I know everybody's busy right now, but I think it would be very informative and educational, and I'm sure in some cases surprising, to find out what different people carry on their rigs, and how. I'll try to get some detailed pictures posted of my rig and contents this week, it won't be "clean and sanitary", but as it actually is in the middle of a very busy time. I have also finished equipping my "welding skid", I think you will be very surprised how much can be fit on a 40" by 48" space.

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    I tried everything, have a skid unit on its own little trailer or can be loaded with forklift, I worked from a pickup and it all can be done. I am mostly in house, that could change any minute though but I went to a 2 truck system. I tooled my pickup with exactly what I need to do 98% of it and when I have to I get the heavy service truck. I put an inverter on my pu and with the advent of good battery tools I can usually work my way around a problem. A lot of things on the pu are dual purpose, a 20$ cum-along, a strap and a couple light chains get me by where I have 300# of rigging on the serv truck. I am not ramming around a bunch of junk that ends up doa, I can plan most things. We had a spring break in a field away from home and everyone panic but I find one from the battery box cover on the tractor to fit the machine, problem solved. Fixxed something similar with a bungy cord te other day. I went to look at a customer repair of a broken storm grate they thought would have to be hauled back for repair or portable weld but when I get there I have a bat drill and I drill a hole and bolt it, done deal, right then and there, customer was thrilled and never thought of it. I didnt want to fool with it anyway, he got it taken care of immediately, didnt take an extra trip, didnt even bill the guy as he was the owner of pretty fair electronics shop. Next time thru he fixxes me up with a replacement for an obsolete limit switch in a jiffy and repairs a nice TV for 20$ charge for the part. If you are specialized then its a different story, personally I am generalized and we can do most steel work in the shop, I am beyond generalized all the way back around to specialized and industry specific. Imagine all the trades thrown in a blender thru out the day.
    I have a HIAB crane on a flatbed for moving equipment, a cooler truck on an F350 and a couple good running older pu's a dodge 150 and a couple mini vans, one new one. I am not really one stop, I share most of my time in my PU, actually of late its been my mechanic and I have my own specialized ride.
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      Really I use one of these too.
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        I don't have a welding rig per se. I work for a steel erector so all my company tools are in our 14' enclosed tool trailer. in that trailer we keep the torches, rigging, saws, drills, screw guns, etc, etc. for lifting heavy things we've always got our Caterpillar TH63 on site. my bobcat 225 NT is either in the back of my pickup or in our shop when we're not in primary/secondary framing mode, unless we need power. not really much to see really, just an old chevy pickup with a welder in the back.


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          what do you actually carry on your truck, why you carry what you do
          List everything?


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            I recently upgraded from an F-250 460 to a Ram 3500 Cummins, though kept the Ford for hauling.

            I'm once again redoing the storage and organization, and it keeps getting better. This week, I'm putting on the ladder rack and moving the big Knaack to the side and putting the Trailblazer across the back behind the window. I'll put some high side boxes on it and keep a short ladder in the back just for getting into the bed to access the Knaack.

            I took out the rear seat (too bad it doesn't have back doors, though) and am building some sort of shelving system for all the power tools. I just looked through a DeWalt catalog and was actually surprised when I saw that I have every 18V tool they make except for the drywall gun. So that takes a lot of room to keep organized. Plus all the corded tools, most of which are in the Knaack but I want in the cab instead. The Knaack needs to stay just big stuff that doesn't tangle, like the Maxstar package and the Passport, plus big socket sets and come-alongs, etc. I'll know more when I finally get the side boxes this week.

            One critical thing is tackle boxes, or similar. I have dozens. One is nothing but self-drilling screws of every size, another is wire nuts, another is wagos (push-in wire nuts). Another is just gold wood screws. Another is just #6 and #8 screws, another for #10-24 and #10-32 screws. Likewise for 1/4"-20 hardware, 3/8", 1/2", and then others for the stuff I don't use as often.

            Having two trades makes for an organization-critical truck. Electrical and welding complement each other often, expecially with the power tools, but it also means a lot of special tools for each trade. That's when I'm always fighting the temptation to take something off the truck temporarily while I'm on certain types of work and then invariably needing something that I left at home because I forgot to put it back.


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              Originally posted by J hall
              List everything?
              Whatever you think is unique or important to what you do.


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                This looks like it will be a good thread if people keep posting pics and details, i dont have a welding rig but i am always interested in reading bout em lol


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                  There were some features I knew I wanted, totally enclosed was one, keeping the bed open for hauling was another. Getting rid of weight worries and being able to carry some stock misc steel was an issue. I wanted a nut and bolt bin and hi perf air comp. I pretty much keep what belongs on the truck on the truck, I dont rob tools for the shop unless its something special. It has its own grinders, drills, hand tools, sawzall, etc. Its set like a firetruck, I can go anywhere at any time witout a "getting ready" production.
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                    the door,,,,,,
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                      Last week, I replaced my F450 with a F550, so it will look different than before. the 450 is in the second picture

                      My truck is mostly used to provide support for our own plant and equipment.
                      I run it and it goes out every day during the production season. We do sand and gravel production along with washed aggregates and a cash grain farm.
                      I currently run a Ranger 305-g also a 22cfm compressor, 3200PRX Autocrane, Smith and Purox torch. 125' each of hot and ground lead, 75' torch hose, 3/8 and1/2" airhose.
                      The left side of the truck has welding cables,torch, air hose,hand tools, air tools, atc.
                      I carry a full set of hand tools, including wrenches and sockets to 2", 3/8 1/2 3/4 inch air wrenches, die grinders, 18v sawzall and drill, Hyd jacks, 10, 20,30,50 and 100ton Porta power rams with a hand pump and air pump,bits, taps, etc.
                      Fluke digital meters, photo tach, decimeter,temp gun.
                      Electrical kits, O ring kits, Cat and Cummins fuel filters Primary wire, copper tubing, brass fittings, pipe fittings, key stock, Lenco connectors, a selection of loctite and sealers.
                      9" and two 4 1/2" grinders, K4000 arcair, Slice exo torch, spare tips, grinding wheels,etc.
                      Raincoat, fall protction equip,change of clothes,First aid kits, PPE.
                      1 gallon each of 15/40 oil, hyd oil, 50/50 antifreeze, grease gun, and an air greaser on a 120lb drum
                      Chain come alongs, grade 80 lifing chains, nylon slings, eyes,etc.
                      Pipe stands, and two ladders
                      Dry chem fire ext and water cannon.
                      I think that about sums it up
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                        My rig is equipt.with 2 welders 1-BB402D/2-TB300D 1- IR compressor 30gal.w/electric start kohler command 11hp.1-8'step ladder,wire rope slings for rigging, shackles.SPXpowerteam porta power set, 3 bottle jacks 4,10,30ton,1 3ton floor jack,dunnage,air tools are mac and ir die grinder,impact guns 1/2"and 3/4", air chisel,cutoff tool(wizzer is what we call it up here)wrenches up to 2-1/2" also sockets,hammers,punches,testlight,sawsall,portaban d,3/8 drill,arcair k4000 torch,victor torchesw/100, of hose 3 4-1/2grinders 1w/wirewheel 1w/cutoff.045wheel 1w/ grinder stone i hate changing wheels so i carry three.jackstands2,come along.For hardware i have a dewault grinder box full of random stuff washers,bolts,nuts.creeper but i find my self laying on the ground alot they don,t roll well on dirt and gravel.Also have wd 40,PB blaster and starting fluid ,booster pak for jump starting first aid kit, 2 fire extigishers.rain coat


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                          I'm going to take this one in small bites. I like my cables cords air hoses etc. easy and fast on and off, first picture here is the cable rack on the passenger side. Note the big loops, each wrap is about six or seven feet. Seventy feet ground, 120' stinger, both 4/0, also 120 feet 2/0 stinger, assorted extensions and air lines. Moving back we have a hi-lift jack, bench grinder (for sharpening drill bits), and very important, the fire extingiushers, always there, easy to get to, you don't have to remember where they are, it's automatic. Also one other water cannon loose in back, used for other things, washing stuff, cooling, smoldering wood, etc. The one you see is only for fires.

                          There is a set of four terminal boxes, good for keeping small stuff organized. One is electrical terminals, switches, parts. One is welding parts, including tips, drive rolls, hose ends, etc. Another is full of screws and various fasteners, for when I don't want to weld something. The top one I keep power transmission stuff in, set-screws, key shafts, chain masters and half links, grease zerks, etc. etc.

                          I pulled out and displayed one box full of electric and air tools -- hammer drill, sawzall, angle drill, electric and air die grinders, big air chisel (good for concrete), diamond wheel for skillsaw, two other 1/2" drills, 1" air impact. There's other tools on the truck, this time of year it tends to get more disorganized, tools tend to find their own places to reside, they seem to stay where most convenient rather than among their own kind where they belong.
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                            I've got an 8 x 4 tube welded across the back of the bed, with little swing-up doors on each end, this holds my long pry-bars, cheater pipes, all-thread, etc.

                            The little protrusion you see just ahead of the clearance light under the work deck? I cannibalized a baybarz cable/strap ratchet binder, welded it to a pipe that goes to the center of the truck, winches up and down the spare tire.

                            One thing that may be of interest to some, a couple of unique victor parts, one is a straight-ahead torch head, the other is a little stubby tip, both work good in certain spots, you obviously don't need them every day but they've helped me out tremendously on more than one occasion in tight places.
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                              Originally posted by calweld
                              There was an excellent thread started last winter by Mr. Hall with pictures of everybody's rigs. We're still waiting for Portable Welder's pictures, I guess nobody's holding their breath.

                              I hate too do this but i call bull sh$% on portables rig there is no rig thats why there is no photos


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