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  • Originally posted by Coalsmoke View Post
    which series allison is in it?
    should be the 2400.


    • On my F-550 I go through 3 sets of pads on my rears to one set on the front.
      Kinda backwards from my other trucks that always had drum on the rear.
      The weight capacity should always be in regards to your breaking capacity, who cares if you pop a tire compared to not being able to stop for the person in front of you.
      Yes, Popping a tire can also be seriouse but not compared to not being able to stop.
      I dont understand how these limo companies get away with it.
      I understand that you can put disc brakes on the rears to help out, but what about steering componants, axles.!!!!!!!!!!


      • Hey Portable....

        You ever post those pics of your rig? I would show ya mine but who wants to see an old 2500 Chevy P/U?


        • Originally posted by acx780
          You ever post those pics of your rig? I would show ya mine but who wants to see an old 2500 Chevy P/U?
          you know, that's the exact same reason I didn't post pics of my truck. mine's an 88 K2500.


          • Originally posted by Coalsmoke View Post
            Good, just make sure its not the 1000. IMO those things are much too light duty to see serious work.
            the 1000 is a great trans.... for a pickup. it's already maxed out behind the 6.6 Dmax, nevermind the 7.8Dmax or the Cat C7(up to 820ft/lbs). I beleive you can get either the 2000 or the 2400, depending on whether you want a parking pawl or not.


            • Originally posted by acx780
              You ever post those pics of your rig? I would show ya mine but who wants to see an old 2500 Chevy P/U?
              Nothing to be ashamed of, my first rig was a 68 F250, 20 years old at the time . . .


              • right up the street from our office, there's a guy with a 67-72 GMC C30 dually flatbed (292 I6) with a truly ancient (and ginormous) Hobart welder on the back of it. I'd never believe it even ran, 'cept I see it around town all the time.

                I found a couple pics of my truck, though neither of them is in "welding mode"

                the first one is the back half of my truck when I brought over a canopy frame to a jobsite. second one is just my truck sitting in the parking lot.

                my bed is starting to get a little rough (plus I got hit behind the passenger side tire a couple months ago) and I've been considering making a flatbed/ work body for it.
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                • old welder

                  Originally posted by calweld View Post
                  Nothing to be ashamed of, my first rig was a 68 F250, 20 years old at the time . . .
                  We all got to start some where and for the guys that had it all at the start
                  are not always there in the end. Just keep adding to your rig, nothing pisses me more then seeing a guy starting and 5 years later he's still using someone else's tools cause he doesn't buy his own

                  Portable lets see the truck, these guys rode me until I showed mine so lets see them
                  or do I have to call you "WISHED I WAS A PORTABLE WELDER"


                  • Originally posted by Eric Carroll View Post
                    sorry to be unclear, my truck with the tools , aircomp, and bottles is 10,400 pounds.My 301g weighs about 600 and my bb400 is around my weight will change depending on what welder I have on the truck.I most likely will get a new truck but I just wanted to know how much others have pushed the gvwr on their truck.I was thinking I could get a 450-550 axle from a junk yard but once you get a new truck on the brain its hard to let go.What mods have others done to increase the paylod on their trucks?
                    You've seen my rig, and I've seen yours. I weigh in at around 10,450. I added air bags all the way around to lift the truck, and to carry the load. With the 35" tires, I am just under the load capacity of the tires. Stopping is something you need to think about all the time too.


                    • Stopping really isn't a big deal...just find the closest immoveable object. You'll stop in no time flat.

                      That much weight on a light truck all the time makes brakes go fairly fast I suppose. Would make an exhaust brake pay for itself in no time, huh?


                      • Originally posted by DDA52 View Post
                        Would make an exhaust brake pay for itself in no time, huh?
                        i think it would


                        • Exhaust brake

                          Still trying to justify that one to myself. An exhaust brake is close to $2000 CDN installed. That would buy a few sets of pads and rotors eh? Also it does lead to increased wear and tear on the turbo and valvetrain no?


                          • i just ordered an exhaust brake,its attached to a 06 gmc 5500.


                            • Dunno. Most do include some beefier parts that are needed. Not sure about the turbo. I do know on the big trucks, it isn't an issue. Same turbo, e-brake or not.

                              My new Dodge dually that is on the way will have a Jacobs E-brake. That is supposedly the only one that will protect the warranty. No turbo parts with it, but it may have some bigger valve springs. Not 100% yet. May have to wait until it gets here to be sure.


                              • ford 550

                                I just saw a Ford 550 I was sitting beside it at a set of lights. It just seem
                                so big and clumsy looking. Although its not a Dodge I don't now if I'd buy
                                one even if Dodge made one. It just doesn't seem like it would make a good welding truck. Im sure that you can haul alot of stuff with it but as a welder
                                how many tools do you need It just seems that it should have
                                a deck on it hauling fruits and vegs. Im not trying to be an ass,which you Ford boys already think, I am just not sold on the idea. Although I live in
                                Alberta I've only seen one (3 ton) as a welder out of 7 years of welding.
                                So now they have a 550 in a few years will there be a 750 then a 800
                                well you might save yourself money and just buy a tractor trailer then
                                you can haul fruits and vegs. in the slow times New welders are getting
                                smaller and more compact so whats the attraction of a bigger truck This is my take on it, was just wondering what other guys
                                felt and like I said I am not trying be an ass just food for thought


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