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My Dynasty 300 DX arrived today

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  • My Dynasty 300 DX arrived today

    I received the Dynasty today minus the water cooler foot pedal & coolant that I ordered.
    I diddnt order the package, I bought the them seperate, I diddnt like the cart they offer and a friend of mine told me to try the torch made by speedway with braided lines and leather cover that is very bendable verses the torch and cover that came with my old synchrowave.
    Afriend of mine also recommended the coolant from miller, He said it helps prevent the Hi Freq. from biting so bad when your hot & sweaty.
    I used to use RV antifreeze so I'll see if it helps.
    I plan on making a cart I can snatch up with my crane when I want to run my machine off my Pipe Pro in the field.
    I hope the AC side of the machine is as good as many of you guys said.
    I just traded my old 250 synchrowave for a 2004 four stroke 400cc Quad.
    I am now in the poor house.

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    You'll love the AC on your new Dynasty, I have both the Syncrowave and a Dynasty 300. When I do AC guess which machine I use?