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    Originally posted by eli View Post
    Gary.good job on the trailer, I just finish looking at the pictures and if you don't mind can you e mail me the plans of the trailer I am going to attempt to make one for my welding machine is a miller legend nt tank you in advance.
    e mail them to


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      First time I've seen this thread. Like everyone has already said, Nice job on the trailer. Since you mentioned in the thread that linked to this one, that you are still using it as is, could you put up a few pics of what it looks like now? Whatever little battle damage and all it has encountered since it has been in use.


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        What KB said.


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          I will totally build me a trailer like this! Awesome... Now if you would kindly email me the plans they would be greatly appreciated!



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            9 years later I guess it's time for an update but there's not much to say other than I was out yesterday with it welding fence bracing. The welding trailer pretty much looks the same as it did in 2006. I do keep it inside the shop so it gets a little dusty but that's about it. Since 2006, I moved to the family ranch and built a house, shop and numerous fencing brace and a cattle corral with 3000 feet of pipe. The only changes I've had to make are the lid supports. The original ones gave out and I put new ones on.

            When I built my house, I put in a 240v/50A inlet so I could use the generator function in case of power outages. I've used that only once or twice but it works very well. I can run just about anything and everything in the house except for the big AC unit.

            I've gotten numerous emails from folks wanting the design plans. I've probably emailed out a couple dozen or so. So far, only one guy has sent me pictures back of the completed unit. His layout was almost exactly the same but with a few mods.

            Thanks for all the kind comments. I'll post some updated pics soon.

            PS, if you want me to email you plans, send me an email directly: (yopu need to take out the 777 - it's there to fool the automated email trolls).
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