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330 A/BP no HF

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  • 330 A/BP no HF

    I was reseaching a prob. With my welder and I stumbled across this site. My HF stopped working, it will weld with a scratch start. I found a older thread with same exact problem on the web from this site, but i can't post to it from where I found it nor find it on this site itself. It basically said that it's most likely a capaciter. My machine is a '86 I have the manual to it, according to the schematic it shows 2 capactiters. 1 smaller one about 2 1/2" X 1" diam. Then 1 larger rectangular one with 2 copper straps coming off of it, one going to the hf intensity knob, other going to the points. I'm not exactly sure how to test them, could anybody tell me how? Thanks.