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Good CHEAP autodarkening helmet.

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    Originally posted by Steve83 View Post
    I was browsing a TSC today and ran across a clearance Impact 770756 for $70+tax, so I snagged it. Check your local stores because they're probably all clearing out.

    The Hobart Impact is a pretty decent hat & you got a super price on it....

    Here is the manual.... nice to know you can replace the battery when it goes

    Hobart® Welding Helmet - Impact Black 770756

    The Hobart® Black Impact Series auto-darkening welding helmet is a welding hood for the serious metal fabricator at a "Do It Yourself" price. The variable shade lens is adjustable from shade 8-13 and is suitable for MIG, TIG and Stick welding. The Impact Series lens features both weld and grind modes.

    The Hobart® Impact Black welding hood also comes with three arc sensors, Hobart's standard 2-Year lens warranty and generation II headgear for ultimate operator comfort.

    • Large Viewing Area - 3.82ā€¯ X 1.81" (6.91 sq inches)
    • Shades #8 to #13 Variable Shade, Light State #3
    • 1/25,000 Switching Speed
    • 3 Independent Arc Sensors
    • Weld & Grind Mode
    • Sensitivity and Delay Controls
    • Auto On/Auto Off
    • Low battery indicator
    • Lightweight Polyamide Shell
    • Ultra-Comfort Adjustable Ratcheting Headgear
    • TIG Capable down to 5 amps
    • Accepts Magnifying Cheater Lenses
    • ANSI Z87.1-2010, CE, CSA Certified
    • Includes 5 Outside and 2 Inside cover lenses
    • Two Year Warranty

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      Whether or not HTP has an eBay "store", I have no idea. But they are a seller. Search HTP welder or seller: usaweld


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        I have only recently come back to the Miller Forums after receiving and e-mail to invite me back to the NEWLY UPDATED forums. But I digress. Anyhow, I used to have 2 of the Harbor Freight Central Electric Auto Darkening welding hoods. When purchased, my dad opted for the Extended Warranty for a total of 5 years protection on both hoods. One was kept in the shop and the other on the service truck. After 6 years, they both failed. Cause, body sweat had corroded the electronics in the Auto Dark controls. I had access to another Auto Dark hood my dad picked up at Lowe's for around $100.00. I started researching getting a Higher Dollar Auto Dark hood. I read through countless post on Miller hoods, including both the Elite and Digital Elite. I read through the 3M Speedglass and a few others. I looked at the prices of various hoods to have an IDEA of what the value of NEW hoods would be and did a SEARCH on EBAY. Then overtime I started closing in on deals. I snagged a Miller Elite for $175.00 and a Digital Elite for $225.00 during Thanksgiving 2012. Both models where the Basic Black. I used both hoods in the shop and on the truck to see where I would get the best use. I put the Digital Elite on the truck; I found I could control the lens Auto Dark better in the field in DIRECT SUNLIGHT conditions. I had issues with the Elite hood in direct sunlight. Also, I could use the X-MODE to help with stray current triggering the Auto Dark.
        Anyway, to me, what I paid, for my Miller Hoods was worth the price. Yes, while not CHEAP, I got two top notch welding hoods for the FULL RETAIL PRICE of one of the hoods, primarily the Digital Elite. To me, it was worth the PRICE for protecting my eyes. I have since added the Miller "Cheater" lenses to aide with my ability to see my work. Right now I have the .75 Magnifier installed and have 1.00 and 1.25 and 1.5 set aside for the future.
        This might have been a long winded posting but I felt it was important to convey my experience. What is the PRICE of PROTECTING your EYES? What is the amount of money you are willing to spend on that protection? If you can get the hood with the features you want at a price you are willing to pay, then you have what would be considered CHEAP EYE PROTECTION.
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        Miller Elite and Digital Elite Hoods


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          ive got a miller pro, its fine, bought a 39 dollar hf piece. works good, what i dont like, that the innerds are plastic, scratch easily, where the miller is either glass or some type of space ship plastic, will not scratch