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Lincoln Vantage popping the 120 breakers when running my miller 304xmt off of it?

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  • Lincoln Vantage popping the 120 breakers when running my miller 304xmt off of it?

    My 2010 Lincoln vantage was giving me trouble yesterday I was welding with another guy and he was using the leads off of the vantage and I was running the miller 304 off of the 240 plug. We were both burning 1/8 7018 rods at about 120amps the machine was bogging down or welding bad at all but it kept popping the 120 breakers we both had 11 amp Milwaukee grinders but neither one of use were using the grinders while welding . It didn't pop the 50 amp breaker so I know I wasn't over loading it?

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    This is a Miller site so we shouldn't know anything about a Vantage, Accept that its a lot like the Pipe Pro 304 but runs around 1800 RPM and puts out 12000 watts of power if I remember correctly.

    You should not have had any problems. Your wording wasn't very good so maybe I miss under stood you,
    Sounds like you need to have it fixed.


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      machine grounding?

      Just read your post, Do you have the Vantage grounded to the Chassis of whatever your are hauling it in? Regardless of the branding of a machine i think this is a small factor many people overlook. Next question is if the 120 outlets on that machine are GFCI type out lets or do you have any cords that might be GFCI that could be part of the problem? Finally i would assume your grinders are compatible with ac/dc operation? I had a grinder that wasnt one time years ago on a lincoln sa200 that supplied dc power to the plug in outlet, it worked when plugged in once, then smoked the grinder. Most of the newer grinders are built to accommodate this, but on the chance id consider it. Might not hurt to check all the extension cords you were using too, any issues might present themselves causing the breakers to pop. Hope this might help, if not post another thread aimed at Cruizer, he is the man and can probly get you sorted out


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        I have not had any issue with the breakers popping when I was just using the machine with leads but when I was using it to power the 304 and welding at the same time it was popping the breakers. The machine is not grounded to the the trailer It is on . So I will do that and see if it helps. I started the thread just because I know cruizer is on here and knows his stuff. I know it is a miller site but cruiser knows more about the engine drives then people on other sites. All of my cords are in good condition and my grinders are new milwaukees which haven't given me any trouble besides this incident. So I know it has something to do with powering the 304 off the vantage.


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          Cruzier will know but he is just busy we are lucky he comes by when he has time. I know we all really appreciate him and Duane they are top notch.


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            Question about your Vantage, Do you run wire off of it and if so how do you like it.

            I always thought it might be a comparable machine to the Miller pipe Pro 304 but with a slower revving engine.


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              Don't run wire off of it just run a stick machine, plasma cutter, or my Hobart 210 off of it.


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                Popping Breaker or the GFI on the receptacle?


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                  Gfi on the receptacle. I grounded the machine to the trailer today so hopefully that will fix it.


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                    I Do exactly what your talking about all the time with my vantage 500's and XMT 350s'. never had a problem

                    I would start looking at all your coards and plugs for faults.

                    All i run anymore is wire in CV and i LOVE my vantage


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                      Originally posted by Gmmandan View Post
                      Gfi on the receptacle. I grounded the machine to the trailer today so hopefully that will fix it.

                      So, the GFCI trips when you are using the XMT but not when grinding?

                      I would check to be sure the ground and neutral are correct on the XMT

                      Some of the Vantages had pretty poor GFCI receptacles, I have replaced them on both of my machines.


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                        Originally posted by Gmmandan View Post
                        Gfi on the receptacle. I grounded the machine to the trailer today so hopefully that will fix it.
                        Gfi are finicky little *******s- even though the are called Ground Fault interrupters a whole bunch of things can trip them not just a fault.

                        They only "look" for weird electrical activity passing through them not just a Ground Fault.

                        The XMT being an inverter can induce harmonics back in to the line power on the Vantage.
                        Loose connection in one of the extension cords or on the tool itself.

                        Unplug all tool cords and see if the GFI trips when you run the XMT.

                        Duallie has no problems so you can see that the GFIs are finicky. Works for him but not you


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                          ZERO reaso to pop a GFI, you've got other problems


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                            J Hall, The XMT doesn't have a neutral, only L1, L2, L3 and a ground, If I remember correctly ( Any one please correct me if I'm wrong ) if you run it off single phase 220volt, you don't use the red L-3.

                            Your plugging the XMT into the single phase 230V plug, but you say the GFCI is tripping.

                            My question is: Will the XMT power up but you don't have power to a grinder from the 115V GFCI plug.


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                              Go to the source, talk to the cats that designed the machine. Call Lincoln's tech line: 216-481-8100.
                              They have sharp guys and have answered every odd question I've ever had. Quickly.



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