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Help deciding on wire feeder for my shop

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  • Help deciding on wire feeder for my shop

    Im looking to add a wire feeder to my shop. I currently use a miller bobcat 225 lp, will be adding a power source later to shop. I want a heavy duty wire feeder such as a 22a, 10e, s-54e/s52e, or a 60 series. Can i get the best of both worlds using on bobcat and a power source? What is my best choice?

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    Where are you located?


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      Originally posted by Fishy Jim View Post
      Where are you located?
      Near Louisville Kentucky


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        How thick do you want to weld?

        My suggestion would be to get a 211/212/252 and run it off the 220v plug. The big models aren't portable, but it is the best option.

        I currently have passports, an invision 352 MPA plus and a 210, and I use the passports mostly because they are just the bomb.


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          I'm not really looking to use as a portable MIG, just to run off the bobcat till I get electric in shop and get a dedicated power supply to run it. Will be using for various thicknesses.


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            I've got a couple spare feeders, but I don't want to ship them.

            You can do pretty well at some of the more remote auctions (outside most people's driving range for your market), but you need to be able to get to them for the load out days.

            I got a miller XR push-pull rig with 30A gun for 150 bucks last year (so now I have 2).


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              I run mig and fcaw with a ln25 for the last 15 yrs.


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                Originally posted by dozer7078 View Post
                I run mig and fcaw with a ln25 for the last 15 yrs.
                On the LN-25 what's the max Amps you can run? Run off of CV or need 110/115V to operate?


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                  I have an old hobart 400 amp gas drive. I run .045 nr211 on cc. I want to say around 200 amp. Then I put it on my Miller blue charge to run mig. I run .030 wire and have the settings around 140 amp. I might be off on the settings its been a few months since I've run it but should be close. To can run smaller fcaw wire on the bobcat with out a problem I'm my opinion


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                    My ln25 is switchable between cc and cv


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                      Thanks for your input on the LN-25 Dozer, I may consider it as a portable solution but still looking for advice on the other models I mentioned. Does anyone have any other opinions such as ease of use? Would like it to be as simple as using 110/115v and hooking up to the leads on my Bobcat or future power supply purchase... Thanks


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                        How long until you have power in your shop? How much will you have? For the shop a 252 would be ideal. Make sure you get a new fcaw gun if want to run big flux core wire as the m25 is wimpy.


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