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Just ordered my new Miller!! Woot Woot!!

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  • Just ordered my new Miller!! Woot Woot!!

    So, I'm fairly new to welding but I've done quite a bit lately and I think I'm ready to upgrade from my little harbor freight 110 mig.

    So, I ordered a Millermatic 212! Now I'll have to somehow not go insane waiting for it to get here. I was told maybe Monday, but by Tuesday for sure.

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    Happiness is a new welder!
    I know your pain......I sit not far from a machine that hopefully will fill the spot where a nasty old Red thing sits now.


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      that do you mean, "nasty old Red thing???


      • #4
        If I had to wager a guess if say he's talking about a Lincoln machine.

        New to welding but I know most people who weld are pretty partial to one or the other. You're either all for the Lincoln red or the Miller blue.


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          Oh yeah, my cheapie harbor freight 110 mig is blue too, but that doesn't count.

          And I have to give the cheapie credit, although it will never run with a Miller, for the$100 I spent and for what it is, i'm really happy with it. But its time for bigger and better.


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            Do have tank and wire ready ?? Power outlet all set ? All systems go !


            • #7
              go from a POS machine to a real machine and you wont believe the difference. like night and day. super smooth wire feeding. like putting power steering in a 50s car.


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                I do think i'm ready. I don't have bottles, but I'll get them from the guy I ordered the welder from. As well as wire from him too. I just got done wiring up a new load center and 220 outlet in the garage yesterday, so that part is done.

                Lol, that 50's car comparison is funny but accurate i'm sure. In high school I was naive enough to believe it when I was told I cold get an extra tenth second in the quarter of I cut my power steerng belt on my old nova. I did it and got a work out for a couple weeks.

                The only bad part is, after buying the welder, the bottle and wire I may be too broke to afford metal to weld with it!


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                  Steel at the scrap yard is $0.25 per pound where I live. Drop ten dollars and you will have plenty of material to practice on. Good luck.


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                    Originally posted by Jimmydoc1 View Post
                    ...You're either all for the Lincoln red or the Miller blue.
                    I have both. The inverter machine is a hybrid - its purple (Thermal Arc). Now if I could just get a green or yellow Migmaster 250 I'd be all set.


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                      Good point, Nick. I stopped by and talked to the local metal recycler today. They sell steel for $.20 a pound here. I was mostly kidding about not having money for metal, but only just mostly kidding. $2000 is a pretty big investment for me.


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                        Might help if you post your location. Must be someone here to guide you to a steel supplier. Location has impact on everything . Just do a search on tank purchases or refills and you'll see how the prices vary.


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                          Oh man, I know the feeling. I researched and debated for sooo long and when I finally pulled the trigger on my first machine it took over my every thought.

                          The one thing I didn't get that day was scrap metal. bummer, I was welding on little tiny things I could find laying around.

                          The next two machines was not as exciting but still a big deal. '

                          I still do a lot of almost free work just to have a project to learn new things on.


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                            I'm in Clovis, NM. Small town 8 miles from TX. Only 100 miles to amarillo or Lubbock, but we don't waste the gas to go there much. If I can't find what I want locally I order it online and it ships to my door. Amazing world we live in now.

                            We've got a few steel yards in town but there's one in particular, Mark's Pipe and Iron, that treats me really fair and always had timer for my stupid rookie questions, so even though he's a few bucks more on some things, I'll always go to him.

                            About bottles, i'm trying to decide whether to do the lease thing or but my own. The lease is $45 a year, which isn't a lot of money, but I can find a reman argon bottle for $100 online. What do y'all think?


                            • #15
                              Depends on your situation. Are you gonna be using 75/25 for steel, or do you plan on getting a spool gun. You gonna get a 300 size or a 125/150. Maybe 125's would be easier for handling. Possible two tanks so when you run out you have a back up and take the empty to town next trip going that way.
                              What size tank is the $45.00 lease ?
                              Here's another site that may help out. You can do a search on tanks here too.
                              I posted about a Ma /Pa supplier in Wisconsin that I went to .

                              Weldingweb site.



                              Tank size


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