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Millermatic 250 wire feeder surging

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  • Millermatic 250 wire feeder surging

    I need some help guys. My personal welder is giving me FITS!!! The wire feed motor is surging like it has a tight spot in a bearing. Or it is getting a power surge from something.

    My question is, does anybody know what voltage or resitence I should get between feeder motor and circuit board or the rheostat on the speed control? Could it be the high-low switch going bad?

    Im on the fence of buying a new one or sending it in and dropping know telling what in getting it fixed. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Did you blow out the liner or replace it? Do you have any kinks in the line somewhere? Those can cause feed issues. Also if your tension is set wrong.
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      It's not the liner or gun related. If the feeder motor is ran without feeding wire, you can visually see the drive roller surge. You can also hear a change in the motor sound. I've removed the brushes and they look new. No burns or gouges on them.

      Im leaning more towards the speed controller or the high/low switch. I had the main control board replaced 5 years ago.