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problems with the new trailblazer 325efi

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  • problems with the new trailblazer 325efi

    We bought a miller trailblazer 325efi about 6 months ago really cool Machine welds at idle you can use hand tools at idle but had some sort of fuel problems. So we traded the first one for a new machine and it had fuel problems again so we got another one and it seems to idle sporadically sometimes and I get tons of arc blow almost Like I went to the machine and just cranked it up ,gouges a 1/2 deep hole in a second . At first I figured well its my setup or something I'm doing wrong tried everything I can possibly think of still getting random arc blow and I'm talking insanity. Is anyone else having similar problems with this machine?

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    I really, well sorta liked these units at first, but now have pretty much turned against them, I mean heat problems in the summer and cold problems in the winter, as well as can't change the oil if the unit is mounted behind the cab as most are. Quiet yes, problem free, it isn't

    However the new 27 hp, EFI in the Linc Ranger is pretty sweet, as it doesn't have that pesky encoder for the engine control, instead it runs basically the same way the carbed version had. Simple to adjust and maintain, Love it.

    I think the vent solinoid in yours has crapped out so the engine is having a bit of surge. Drill the side and inside of the fuel cap out with a 1/16 or less micro drill bit. Cut and cap the vent line from it.


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      Its too Bad They (miller, Lincoln) dont let you do the cold weather R&D

      Hello Everybody. I was just reading this thread and another that Cruizer started regarding the TB 325. I think it would be interesting if the manufacturers were gonna release a new model , that they would send a few models out to guys who are gonna use them in real world conditions. I know for a fact that these units are tested in the high temperature operations in the southern USA, And they must do some could weather evaluation in the US as well, my point is that they should be testing them in Canada, or where they actually get very cold weather and for long durations. The temperatures up here are a test of real durability and quality of a design. In these units, The small engine gas ones having good fuel and the right oil and a Good battery are essential. I have a TB 302 that sits outside in the truck and it is an awesome machine. I run 0w40 synthetic all year round. When the machine isn't running i keep it covered to keep the snow out. I know guys that install oil pan heaters and block heaters on their diesel units and they seem to have little in the way of problems. Good fuel, Good batteries , and regular maintenance go a long way. I guess we have a very drastic temperature range, From 30 degrees Celsius in the summer to minus 40 degrees Celsius in the winter not even taking into account the wind chill factor.


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        problems with the new trailblazer 325efi

        Ya that's true I live in northern British Columbia so we get lots of unpredictable weather condition. We also have display problems where we couldn't see heat settings Etc. also wouldn't idle up. Definitely not impressed and don't seem to be getting anywhere with it . It sucks when u buy a brand new machine and its not performing the way it should. This is are 3rd one if I could give it back I would


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          Had 2 in here this morning and a couple Rangers, did the vent and drilled the cap thing, problems went away


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            problems with the new trailblazer 325efi

            Ok ill try that Forsure thnx


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