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Question/Trouble With CST 280 Welding Machine

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  • Question/Trouble With CST 280 Welding Machine

    I just bought a brand new CST 280 Machine stick/tig. I have 240 volts (1 phase) running to it (it is set to 200-230 on back panel, not 400-430). When I turn on the machine it makes no noise, the blue light stays on. I start welding about 5 1/8th 8010 rods, then the blue light starts flashing, and it makes a clicking noise. The fan does not stay on while welding. I'll stop for about 10 minutes and the blue light stops flashing, and is ready to weld again for about five rods, then it starts blinking again. Now when I turn the machine off the fan comes on for about 15 seconds steadily. I just find it hard to believe this machine overheats and stops after 5 rods. I'll be in mid arc, hear the machine click, lose arc, blue light flashes, have to wait 10 minutes (takes about 5 minutes if I turn machine off then back on) to start back up. This thing is BRAND new, I don't understand what is happening. Please help me.