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Help with welding 2 different material thicknesses

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  • Help with welding 2 different material thicknesses

    Hi all,

    I wonder if anyone could assist me in this... I need to weld 2 different thickness materials as shown in the image below:

    The red material is 1.2mm mild steel. The green material is .8mm mild steel.
    The blue spot is where i need to weld..

    Can someone please help me and explain how one goes about achieving this?
    I tried a few test pieces, however i just kept blowing holes in the .8mm mild steel.

    What sort of amperage should i be using?
    I am using a Miller Diversion 180.

    Thanks in advance...

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    --- See post 3 & 4 below, I thought mig not tig. This post here deals with mig. ---

    Set your machine for the thickest material to start & adjust from there as needed. Concentrate your heat/puddle on the thickest pc. & move it to the thinner pc. until it melts in then back to the thicker pc. This all happens quickly so you need to really pay attention to the puddle & it's location.

    Just realized this is pretty thin stuff. You probably need to use overlapping tack welds. Just tack, let cool, move forward slightly, tack again, repeat as necessary. If this is for a large panel you may need to skip around to reduce warpage. If you can put a copper backer behind it will help.

    .023 wire with 75/25 gas.
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      Since he is using tig not mig, set your amps high enough to weld the thicker material, you will aim your arc slightly more at the thicker material (although they are both thin) and using your foot pedal use just enough amps to get good fusion but not blow through. Always weld to the size of the thinnest material.


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        Wow, you are right on the tig. I saw 180 & thought mig, sorry.

        Same principle though with starting on the thicker pc. & moving the puddle to the thinner pc. You can also pulse it manually by using the pedal if you still have burn through issues. Don't totally release the pedal though, just back off slightly to let cool & then ramp up again. I would use .035 filler & .040 tungsten. You can also unspool some .035 mig wire if you don't have tig wire.
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