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350p problem setting up xr-edge push pull gun

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  • 350p problem setting up xr-edge push pull gun

    Hello, i'm new here and i hope my thread is in the right area.
    Anyway here's my problem. I purchased a used miller 350 with the xr edge push pull gun. It's a 2006 model which runs off 600v. Not 240v. I also purchased a pulse card from miller which plugs right in with no issues. The machine is recognizing the card i presume because it's giving me the pulse feature in the setup menu. Now when i hook up my xr edge push pull it only uses the drive rollers in the gun itself, which isn't strong enough to pull the wire out. The drive rollers in the machine do not engage and help feed it. In the set-up mode it's showing spoolgun but i do have the options for edge, python and alumpro. But i don't think it's recognizing the gun. But when i hook up my regular whip for steel mig the machine drive rollers work 100%. Am i missing a set-up step somewhere. Any help would be appreciated.

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    So lets get this straight, you have a Miller 350 not the P, you have a pulse card, now this isn't going to do ANYTHING for you as you didn't replace the front process control board. correct


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      the 350 is now a 350p because the pulse card was added to it. when i had purchased the card i was told that it's just a plug and play. But when i go into set-up the displays all the different push pull guns but it keeps thinking it's a spool gun. so i might have to do a factory reset. I will call Miller on Monday since i had no time today so i thought i would ask in here.


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        So do reset, pretty easy, just turn the power off, turn it back on and press the process key. turn the reset on.


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          If the drive rolls in the gun run but not in the 350 the Edge gun may to old to be recognized as an Edge gun. The Edge guns had a 100K resistor added across pins H and J in 2004 without it the unit would think you have a spoolgun attached so the drive rolls in the unit would not turn. If you pull the gun trigger and then check the gun choice that will tell you what's going on for sure.


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            Thanks Kevin for the reply. what you said is exactly whats happening to me. It keeps thinking it's a spool gun.My friend has a new 350p which i'm awaiting for him to bring over his push pull gun to plug in and check. Do you know by chance what model number my edge should start with to work.


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              XR Edge guns built after LE079101 (2/11/04) would have the resistor in them so anything built before that would be recognized as a spoolgun on the Millermatic 350P.


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                I couldn't locate the serial number but i did check the pin connector and no resistor present. nothing between h and j. when i unthreaded the pin connector housing a wire went to H but nothing was hooked up to J, or vise versa cause i don't have it in front of me. Does anyone know where i can buy the adapter because it's pretty tight in there to try to solder a resistor in there. A part number would be helpful. cheers


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                  If it needs a resistor,run a couple of 20 gage wires back from the amphenol onto the cord, solder a 100K 5 watt resistor to them, and merely tape the wires and resistor up.


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