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Aluminum Wire Question

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  • Aluminum Wire Question

    What's the difference in 4043 and 5356 wire. I need to weld up a heavy duty Jon boat. Which wire should I use. Thanks for any advice.

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    Aluminum Wire Question

    With aluminum there is different compositions, just like with steel there is low carbon, medium carbon (a 36) and high carbon,. You need to figure out what type of aluminum you'll be welding and that will tell you which wire to use… if you use the wrong wire your weld will break right down the middle


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      I do a lot of aluminum work and I never really looked at the wire I use. I took a look a few minutes ago and I have been using 4043. I weld tool boxes and I also do boat repair with it and never had any problem with it.but i'm with you on this one and would like to know if you have to match the wire with the plate or if it even matters?


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        Aluminum Welding Guidelines...

        Maxal Aluminum Welding Handbook..

        a really good overview for TIG and MIG

        including setup, parameters for different alloys and GOTCHAS... __________________


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          In a nut shell,

          4043 has a much higher silicon content which results in improved fluidity (wetting action). it is also less sensitive to weld cracking. Very easy to work with.

          5356 has lower silicon which makes it a little more difficult to work with, but much higher magnesium content which produces a stronger weld.


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            I'm not a boat expert, but most boats that live in a salt water atmosphere are probably 5356 which offers better corrosian resistance.

            4043 is a little easier to work with smooths out better while 5356 is more of a structural wire for strength.

            I'm not sure what a john boat is but I have fixed alot of small aluminum boats that are in fresh water small lakes with 4043


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              Maybe this will help



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                aluminum wire

                I use 5356 on anodized aluminum or aluminum that is not new. It welds awsome on aluminum that needs alot of cleaning action. If your going to anodize the aluminum 4043 is your ticket. Hope this helps. Good luck


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                  Huh? Anodize 4043.


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                    Aluminum Wire Question

                    You don't want to weld anything that's going to be anodized with 4043, the weld will come out very dark, a piece that will be clear anodized, the weld itself will be almost black. Use 5356 alloy only.


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                      Aluminum Wire Question

                      Just so you know most aluminum boats are made from 5083 or 5086 and welded with 5356.


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                        Thanks for all the great information. The boat is a salt water version. SeaArk. I might give them a call and see what they say. Thanks again, TW


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                          OK, the folks at SeaArk said they use 5052H aluminum. Any ideas????? I tried one spot and what I have seems to be working fine. Thanks


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                            According to the Alcotec chart, 5356 offers improved strength and ductility over 4043 when welding 5052 to itself, but the corrosion resistance of 5356 is not as good as 4043. Always trade-offs.


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