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Aluminum mig help needed!

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    I defiantly agree that for the most part sound is a good thing to remember hut you cant weld from sound alone. Its all about the puddle and what you are doing(or jot doing with it). That being said unless i am welding out of position like vertical or overhead I do generally look for a full his with aluminum. I just welded a bunch if brackets today with a spoolgun(30a). 24.5 volts about 375 wire speed. Turned out pretty nice. 3/8th plate with sch 40 pipe
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      need help

      to mig weld aluminum use a spool gun or push-pull gun. do not drag becase it is best to point the mig gun straight at the weld joint and let fill ,then move pause, and repeat. this technique is almost like forward and back technique only better on thin aluminum and will make a flat stack of dimes profile with a good tie-in.