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4943 for 356 Aluminum TIG Casting repair..?

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  • 4943 for 356 Aluminum TIG Casting repair..?

    Anybody used this stuff??

    the data sheet looks very good...

    is this the new hot tip TIG filler for cylinder head repair?

    and more..

    Shovelon..?. How about you Terry?? sounds like you do a lot where this might fit..
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    maxal 4943 filler rod

    I just began using it for wrought and cast.
    The data sheets show advantages as you noticed.
    It wets out well, runs good and is clean rod--not
    made from recycled cans.


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      I don't know how I missed this thread on it...

      but welcome any and all info on experience with 4943... good ... bad or otherwise...


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        Who is selling this? I can't find it anywhere.


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          I love it. In fact I am retiring my 4043 stock in favor of 4943. Only if a job calls out for 4043 will I use it.

          I have been doing a bunch of castings with 4943 and like it. I think it works well with 356.


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            Originally posted by JSFAB View Post
            Who is selling this? I can't find it anywhere.
            Here is their sales contacts page... they should be able to tell you who in your area sells it.. maybe internet sales sources as well..
            There are a lot of regional contacts...



            • #7
              At least for Upstate NY, VT and NE Pa...

              Haun Welding Supply can order it if you give them a little bit of notice..

              got a quote this morning on some for 1/16 TIG 4943

              PART # 494306270 1/16
              SOLD IN 10 LB PKG ONLY
              $ 6.15 PER LB
              I DON'T STOCK THIS
              LEAD TIME 21-28 DAYS


              Would bet they start to stock it as it becomes better known...
              Last edited by H80N; 09-27-2013, 11:08 AM.


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                4943 seems popular with some folks at Welding Web. B_C just started using it and says he likes it.


                • #9
                  How About Machinability???

                  Is 4943 gummy like 4043...

                  or can it be machined and threaded like 5356...

                  just curious if anybody has experience on that aspect...


                  • #10
                    Got in a sample of 3/32 4943 TIG rod.....

                    welds NICE!!.....

                    flows NICE!!...

                    I'm sold...

                    will be using it where I had used 4043 in the past...


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                      H80N, I tried sending you a pm from my phone, but can't figure it out. I frequent Haun in Endicott NY once in a while. Are you from that area bud?


                      • #12
                        We get up there from time to time... they are good people...


                        • #13
                          Im gonna stop in tomorrow and pick up some 4943. I like them, nice friendly place. I'm over in Richford, west of Whitney point.


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                            Somebody in another thread had suggested 2319 filler for dirty aluminum castings... wonder where that fits in?? any thoughts..


                            2319 is listed as an alloy that wants post weld heat treat...

                            I am interested but puzzled??
                            Last edited by H80N; 12-10-2013, 05:57 AM.


                            • #15
                              Are you saying 4943 will replace 4043 in all or most applications? Do you see any downside?


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