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N.O.S. Compressed Gas

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  • N.O.S. Compressed Gas

    What does "N.O.S." stand for? I've searched here, but the search engine apparently DISCARDS 3-letter words, so it picked up every thread containing the word "welding"! I've also tried WikiPedia, but it's not there. Google found one explanation from 4 years ago that doesn't make sense.

    Anybody know FOR CERTAIN, preferrably with some documentation?
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    (Not Otherwise Specified): used as the last qualifier in the definition of a class or category, as a punctuation period that restricts further narrowing of that specification, such as in the UN number for the transportation of dangerous goods; e.g., UN1956 is defined as "Compressed Gas, N.O.S."; whether it is flammable or inert is not specified, so it could be either.


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        Also, new old stock, Nitrous Oxide Systems..