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upgrading at work.....opinions?

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  • upgrading at work.....opinions?

    looking to upgrade the machine shop at work. We currently have a newer lathe and an old bridgeport that is pretty useless. Anyways, the boss wants to get an ironworker, break of some sort and a drill press. New is not priority but an option. Good used ironworker (scotchman etc), radial arm drill press, tubing bender(hossfeld type)? Shop is about 30' x 20'.....that's just the room we r going to use.where to by good used equipment in the jersey area? Should be get an ironworker with or without a break? basically our work is construction equipment modifications and fab. lots of truck body mods. we have plenty of local shops but we often have 3/16 mild bent and formed for trucks. sorry for the lack of caps, poor grammar etc.....this is a speedy sunday morning post with newborn in one arm. Dave

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    Originally posted by JerseyWelder View Post
    Good used ironworker (scotchman etc)
    I even wouldn't put a Scotchman in a good or new option. I always read they were the best but after having one thumbs down from me. Is there any used machinery dealers in your area? I see lots of good used stuff here in NE Ohio at auctions and some of it goes cheap...Bob


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      Machinery Values in Harrison has stuff. I have no idea if they have a good reputation.


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        CNC Plasma..

        If you are doing a lot of construction eq and truck bed stuff...

        a CNC plasma like Plasmacam could be invaluable ..


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          I had a 90 ton Piranha here at my shop for a while (loaner).
          The salesman said it would break 1/4 X 24'' on the punch end.
          12'' break was on mine. The 24" was an option.
          Don't bend round stock without a rounded blade.
          If you do you will notch you blade, ask me how I know.
          And that notch will show up in all subsequent breaks.
          Ironworkers are very handy for making support parts.
          I used the shear the most, followed by the punch.
          Good Luck,


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            I have an older Pirahna 45 ton. I use it every day, don't know how I could operate without it. Brake, punch, shear, and notcher. I have also made custom dimpling tools, bending tools for it. Also made a tool to do offsets in flat bar, where two flat bars would overlap. IMHO, go for the Pirahna, I wouldn't really like the cavity type of machine.
            Why not set up the BP as your drill press?

            What type of brake are you interested in? As said, fairly long brakes are available for some ironworkers. If not, I would think a 48", 35 ton, press brake would do everything you would want in that type of shop.


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              As far as tubing and Pipe bending I would recommend a JD squared model 32.

              I have a 65 ton scotchman iron worker and I love the fact that it will shear 1/4" x 24"
              I would not recommend putting a press brake on the iron worker, I have a 18" brake that I use in my 50 ton shop press with a electric over hydraulic pump, doing it this way leaves the iron worker freed up for other things so you dont have to keep pulling things in and out.
              I have a 12" and the 18" brake which is made by scotchman, I would love to have the 24" brake that just slips into place under the shop press.

              When it comes to iron workers make sure you pay attention to the length of the shear because there are alot of heavier duty units that dont have a 24" wide shear.


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                Thx for the input. I am going to call about this stuff as soon as these places open this morning. Any thoughts on JD2 ironworkers? Difference between model 52 and 53 tube benders? Also, any recomendations for a radial arm drill press? Thanks. Dave


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