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Modifying a boat top ???

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    Thx....just shortening it 3" on one side. Dave
    Originally posted by Hardrock40 View Post
    He is just shortening 2 of the 4 uprights. Plus there is no wind catching the top like a kite. Ever see a depower kite work? In order for that thing to snap two welds at the same time and rip the other two supports out it would have to flip on the highway.

    Even if the welds cracked all the way around it's not going anywhere. Maybe it would bend a little somewhere with people using it for an oh crap handle.

    IMO if he couldn't find some anodized to see how it welds I would prep it like the OP states and take it to a local shop for the welding.

    Then cleanup wouldn't have a bunch of holes and crap due to just making it work and learning on the fly. But if your like me you wont sleep well until you fire up on that thing. LOL

    Also watch for fit up after it has been cut. Those appear to widen as they go down, if so it won't be as wide when shorter, your probably beyond that tho.


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      dont weld sleeve..

      I would cut out a section, mill down a sleeve to fit inside tubing, then tap the sleeve and bolt in place.
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