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anyone use a free CAD program

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  • anyone use a free CAD program

    I would like to draw my next project on the computer but most programs have a learning curve that's to long for me..... is there any easy to learn free programs out there? thanks

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    Sketchup is free and pretty easy to learn. That is the only free one I have used.


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      Thanks elvis, I'll give it try.


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        anyone use a free CAD program

        If you only need 2D, Siemens Solid Edge2D is very good. Free and comes with a useful tutorial to get you started.


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          I've been using DraftSight for a couple of years now. It's available for PC and Mac and a couple other operating systems. It's fully AutoCAD compatible and has the same instruction least so far as I can tell. There are a couple of tutorials for it to get you started.

          It is free but you have to register your copy. It's a very nice product.


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            Nice of you all to help me, thanks guys, I'll give them all a try.


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              I second DraftSight. Good program especially since it's free. $2,500+ for AutoCAD is just absurd unless you're doing 3D all the time.


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                Sorry but...

                Originally posted by ILikeFlyin View Post
                I second DraftSight. Good program especially since it's free. $2,500+ for AutoCAD is just absurd unless you're doing 3D all the time.
                If you're doing 3D all the time you aren't using AutoCAD... you are using Inventor or the likes of it.
                AutoCAD is mostly a 2D drafting program.


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                  I'm trying DraftSight but I can't find out how to erase, copy or even select?


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                    If you're having that level of trouble with DraftSight, then I'd have to conclude that you have not done the tutorial. Go the tutorial. It's kinda fun and will get you used to most of the commands and procedures. You can operate DraftSight from the command line using AutoCAD commands but it's a lot more fun to use the graphical tools and mouse.

                    If you're operating on a Mac platform, you should be aware that the tutorial was written for the PC version so some of the display screens, particularly some of the preferences, won't be quite the same. It's a pretty small matter but it did cause me some head scratching when I went to work on my iMac.

                    BTW "select" is via single mouse click on the object or by a window drawn by dragging the mouse to describe a box around the desired objects. Delete is via the Delete key or by means of the little eraser in the "modify" toolbar.


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                      Originally posted by tackit View Post
                      I'm trying DraftSight but I can't find out how to erase, copy or even select?
                      Select by left-clicking on the line/rectangle/circle/etc you want to manipulate.
                      Copy by selecting and then type "copy" in the command window, select base point and destination point.
                      Erase by selecting item, then pressing delete.


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                        I need to do the tutorial I tried deleting using the delete button and using erase but nothing is removed from the screen.

                        Thanks guys for your help, I appreciate it.


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                          I was ale to learn the basics of DraftSight , nothing is drawn to proportion but at least I got this far.

                          It's a bench press I going to build out of 30" 6" 25# wide flange I beam, 3/8 side plates for reinforcement, 2 3/8 round stock for the port a power's stand offs, 7" heavy channel Iron for feet and supporting a 1" press plate and my 10 ton port a power..

                          I have a 1" X 6" plate bored and threaded for the 10 ton cylinder, just need to cut it to the right size.



                          Below is the KNUTH bench press I got the idea from.


                          Last edited by tackit; 08-29-2013, 06:29 AM.


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                            I use CAD Standard (CADSTD) standard free, Pro $25 AutoCad feel


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                              Ill give it try to thanks ChuckS


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