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dry cut saw-- also called cold cut saw Question

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  • dry cut saw-- also called cold cut saw Question

    I am going to get a dry cut saw and I cut a lot of angles so am looking to get one that is set up for miter cutting. It should be 14" and have a quick and accurate clamping set up. There are several good saws out there, but the clamping for miter cuts is terrible. Anyone know of a good one?? I did see a video of the Evolution Rage 3 which looks great, but It looks smaller than the 14". I cut a lot of 2" at 45 deg. and not sure if that one would do it. Thanks

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    I have the Rage 3- hate it.

    Really designed for wood and occasional metal. Plastic blade guard on the base- not exactly sure what that piece is called but it has melted areas with metal stuck in it. PIA to clean up and make it smooth again.

    Clamping system is a joke.

    I would get a 14" Dry cut like the STEELSAW2
    14" TCT Industrial Chop Saw

    or Dewalt equivalent: DeWALT Heavy Duty 14'' Metal (Multi-Cutter) Dry-Cut Saw


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      I have used both the Evolution and the Steelmax. I like the Steelmax way more than the Evolution.

      You might want to take a look at this one.


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        I have the DeWalt Multi cutter. Setting up the backstop/clamp requires a square for perfect cuts. For the money, it's alright. Also fast enough RPM to use an abrasive disc on hardened or stainless steel.


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          I am leaning towards the Milwaukee myself


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            Also a dry saw and a cold saw are two totally diff animals


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              My buddy has a steelmax and the clamp is garbage. He had to mill a new one after he had two work pieces fly up and almost cut his neck after the clamp popped free. The rest of the saw is great though according to him.


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                As said a dry saw and a cold saw are to totally different animals and are separated in price by thousands of dollars.
                As far as dry saws go I would NOT buy another Evolution product. The Steel Max is the same saw as an evolution Rage 2. I have two dry saws as of right now, the Dewalt and the Milwaukee. Between the two the Milwaukee is the better saw by far. The Dewalt table sucks, badly. It is the same table and clamp as their abrasive saw, and deflects a lot when clamping. This is important, as if you get one slip when cutting with a dry saw you have likely trashed a $100+ dollar blade. The Milwaukee saw has a cast aluminum table and a much better clamp. I made a new table for my Dewalt out of 1/2" plate and it is much better now. There is a thread on it over on the Shopfloortalk board.


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                  For just a little more money you get a lot more saw



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                    dry cut saw-- also called cold cut saw Question

                    I have Milwaukee dry cut saw. Solid base and lock mechanism. Worth the price.


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                      Seems like this tread is sort of wandering between cold cut and dry cut saws....hmmmm... Anyway, my $.02, since abrasive saws fall into one of those categories is that I would NEVER have one in my own shop. The abrasive saws make a huge mess, cover everything in the shop with grit and make you blow black boogers for a while after making a few cuts. Maybe I'd use one outside on a work site where nothing of mine is going to get all covered with crap and there may be a little breeze blowing to keep me from having to breathe the crap the saw throws.(besides the breeze makes the MIG and/or TIG guys swear and I just love the sound of swearing in the morning!!) Needless to say, my shop has only two saws and they are both "band" dry and one wet, but the wet one is OFTEN used dry (good blade!) since I don't really like having saw drool all over the workpiece or my hands and the floor, either!!

                      Also, if cutting mostly ferrous and not cutting aluminum or such, a guy COULD just get really good with an A/O cutting torch. Kind of hard to be VERY accurate with, but I have seen guys that can make cuts that look like they were made with a CNC Plasma rig!!


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                        Originally posted by tackit View Post
                        For just a little more money you get a lot more saw

                        a bit much to carry to the jobsite though


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                          Thanks for the info. The Milwaukee seems pretty solid, but they have been discontinued. I think their abrasive saws have been discontinued also. They seem to make one of the best saws so they decided to quit making it. Sounds like a good idea. There is still a few out there though on the web. Anyway - I seen the Makita - which seems to have the best fence and clamping system so I'll probably get that. 500.00 and it's only a 12", but I guess it'll do. Dewalt would probably be good, but I have their abrasive saw and the fence is time consuming when cutting lots of angles. Thanks again:


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                            dry cut saw-- also called cold cut saw Question

                            Just checked. A number of retailers studs show the Milwaukee 6120 available.


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                              I have seen nothing about the Milwaukee being discontinued. Would you mind showing your source of information?


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