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Tig welding brass?

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  • Tig welding brass?

    Does anyone have any ideas on tig welding brass. I've tried it ,but I was going to get some input before i went any further. Such as,
    1. pulse or not
    2. filler material
    3. ac or dc and polarity
    4. pre heat / post heat

    I just have some questions for someone that may know. I have some parts to build up and it's going to be like building up a knife edge. It's not going to take much build up. I done a sample for the customer and built up the whole edge and it was to much build up. The guy who use to do it would lay a small bead on the knife edge and the customer would simpily file it back off. The guy is not around any more so they want me to fix the parts and i've never welded brass. Thank in advance.

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    Braze it


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      its been a while. im sure others will chime in. I did it a couple times, but quite a while ago. if I remember correctly. silica bronze on dc 2% thoriated tungsten but that was with a syncrowave. not sure with an inverter


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        When you try and weld brass you will burn the zinc out of the material. Your welding arc is way hotter than the burning temperature of the zinc. You can braze it with a temperature of around 900 degrees celcius.


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          Brass is terrible to try to tig. Can you get by with bronze? Works well.


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            Are you sure it's brass? People oftentimes interchange the terms "brass" and "bronze", they are two completely different metals.

            If you had no problems doing the sample, other than "too much", I suspect what you are actually working with is bronze.
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              Originally posted by jrscgsr View Post
              When you try and weld brass you will burn the zinc out of the material.
              Brass is mainly copper and zinc. The zinc boils at a lower temp (1665*F) than the copper melts (1984*F) so you need to be careful with the heat. Brass melts ~ 1600-1700*. I'd use silicon bronze as others have said.


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                Thanks for the input guys.

                I'm sure the part is brass. I have also read about where people have heated the part with their tig and dropping their filler in the puddle. I have also had better luck out of pulse tiging. The thing that gets me is building up that knife edge and being able to file it down. It's hard, the company has tried everyweld shop in the area and they have turned them away and said they can't weld it. I'm guessing ex-small filler rod and extra small tungsten.


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