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another spoolgun ??

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  • another spoolgun ??

    I am getting a lot of conflicting stories. What spoolguns can I run off both my millermatic210 and my bobcat225? I know I need a adapter for the bobcat but which one? a WC-115A or a SGA-100C ? will the wire be hot all the time?

    I looked at the chart, according to that my 210 requires a spoolmate3035 and for my bobcat a spoolmate 3545(which is no longer produced) or a spoolmatic 15a or 30a. I've read elsewhere that I should be able to get one spoolgun for both(with an adapter for the bobcat). I am hoping to find someone here that has done this. What are my options?


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    3035 for the 211, add an sga100C to run off any DC CV power source.


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      The Spoolmate 3545 is a little heavier version of the 3035. Download the manual and you will find that they both share the same motor and many other parts. The difference seems to be mostly a heavier barrel and buss bar and the gearbox assembly(likely to accommodate the different drive rolls). The 3545 has a higher duty cycle but the 3035 should work with your Bobcat within the lower duty cycle constraints using the SGA 100C. As Walker says the SGA 100C is specific to the 3035(also the 3545 and incidentally the spoolmate 185) not to a specific power supply. They all are 36 volt spool guns without on board speed controls. Wire speed control is done by the SGA 100C. Call miller and I'm sure they'll be more than happy to help you out. You would need the WC-115A with the contactor kit if you use the Spoolmatic 15A or 30A spoolguns for your Bobcat but you would have to investigate its ability to be connected to your 210.-Meltedmetal
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        thanks for the info,

        they only make the 3545 in the hobart brand now


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          Realistically a WC-115 (with contactor) for both, then you can run a spoolmatic 30A. And thats the gun you want.


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            Then Click on

            "Get the information you need to hook up your Spoolmatic."


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              While you guys are on the topic of spool guns, Can somebody explain why there are so many spool guns for sale used and not any WC-115's?

              For my local area I see the 30amp guns a lot in places like CL, but never a controller.

              Do the controllers go bad or the spool guns? I would think they might be replacing one or the other or maybe didn't realize they needed a controller when they purchased a gun, but not likely.

              Another question I wonder about, take the same person welding just some basic aluminum 1/8th lap joint. Would he make a better weld with a 30amp spoolmatic and a bobcat than he could with a spoolmate 100 connected to a 211? for basic occasional use could you tell a difference between the two?

              I know I got off topic but the OP might be interested in the same. I did read in some forum that people suggest just using the Bobcat for power to the other machines, Mig with a Mig.

              I don't know why tho.


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                The Spoolmatic 30A/15A is a direct connect for a number of different machines so the WC-115 would not be used. On the other hand maybe there isn't room in the lunch bag for the WC-115 with the Spoolmatic in there.---Meltedmetal


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                  Most machines have a built in 10 pin controller, the ones that don't have either a WC-24, or a WC115. There are less of the WC-115, cause most machines other than the bobcat have a built in contactor circuit.


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                    Well that certainly sheds some light on it and explains all the spool guns.

                    Thanks guys


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                      Originally posted by cruizer View Post
                      Realistically a WC-115 (with contactor) for both, then you can run a spoolmatic 30A. And thats the gun you want.
                      this will work with my mm210 and bobcat? I can get this setup for $600.00


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                        Yep, what you have to do on the 210 though is flip your drive rolls open, and jumper your trigger so that its live


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                          Think its worth $600


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                              Originally posted by Hardrock40 View Post

                              For my local area I see the 30amp guns a lot in places like CL, but never a controller.
                              Just FYI

                              it is not 30amps

                              15A = 15' gun
                              30A = 30' gun

                              both rated 200amp 100% Duty Cycle


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