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I need help finding weather proof fan speed controls

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  • I need help finding weather proof fan speed controls

    I have been searching for weather proof fan speed controls but can't find any, anyone have info on them or know if such a product exists, thanks.

    Here's the fan with amps and watts info I bought for the forge I want to control. I don't believe it's brushless.

    Leviton makes inside the house fan speed controls I might have to make do with but I would prefer weather proof, unfortunately they don't make a weather proof box for their fan speed control switches.
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    I need help finding weather proof fan speed controls

    Maybe check out a greenhouse supply company. Dunno who but that's a decent startin point. Hope it helps tack.


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      You don't need a speed control with the shaded pole fan. Just make a shutter that covers the intake, then adjust it to whatever you like. A lot of them will come with a shutter on them.


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        Originally posted by walker View Post
        You don't need a speed control with the shaded pole fan. Just make a shutter that covers the intake, then adjust it to whatever you like. A lot of them will come with a shutter on them.
        I was thinking about that but worried about burning the motor up. But I think that's the safest way to go if I can't find a weather proof speed control. Thanks walker for your input.


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          I bought a fan a lot like that for a coal forge I made, and I jacked around looking for ways to control the motor speed (you can't on the fan I have, wrong kind of motor, it will apparently mess up the motor if you put a speed control on it) but here's an easy, 10-minute fix to regulate the airflow:

          Cut a round piece of sheet metal that's about the same diameter as the intake for the fan. Weld or braze the round piece of sheet metal (I used the lid of a mayonnaise jar) to another rectangular piece of sheet metal, so that the round piece and the rectangular piece look roughly like a lollipop.

          Drill a hole through the "handle" of the "lollipop" and drive a sheet metal screw through the "lollipop" into the housing of the fan. The "lollipop" needs to pivot on this screw. Now if you turn on the fan, and you pivot your "lollipop" intake cover so that it completely/partially/doesn't cover the round intake for the fan, you can go from about 15% of the fan's output to a full 100% ... and you don't have to jack around with speed controls or worry about messing up your fan motor. Plus it''s free and it works like a charm.

          Now, with the money you would have spent on the speed control, go and get yourself a foot-operated switch to turn the fan on and off:

          Oh as for the "weather proof" issue, I rigged my fan with a quick-connect/disconnect setup, so that I can quickly attach or detach the fan. Basically, the fan just "hooks onto" the pipe that goes to the tuyere of the forge...slide it into the slots to attach the fan, lift and tilt to take it back off. That way, I can keep the electric fan indoors when I'm not using the forge. It works great. Real easy and fast.
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            Good Ideas Helios. Thanks.


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              The beginnings of the forge.

              Bought the drum this afternoon. The picture of part of an oblong oil tank by the tree is going to be the forge's body.

              Now all I need is some good weather and the fan.

              I'm using 4" square tube for the wind pipe and ash dump, the fans flanges will mount perfectly to it, going to weld a plate to the top of the 4" sq tube and weld a close nipple to it so I can screw the 4" wind pipe and ash dump to a pipe flange that will be mounted to the bottom of the brake drum.

              Best to click on the pictures on the bottom of the page, the picture of the top of the drum is not showing in the slideshow. I'm not good at this slide show business, I guess it's got something to do with size of the picture.

              I tried twice to correct it with no good results.

              I think I got it, I renamed it after I made it smaller.


              Check this forge out, mine's going to be along the lines of it....
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                Somewhat off topic but I was wondering if anyone has built a good home aluminum foundry. I have wanted to build one for quite some time and hadn't thought to ask around here.


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