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TB325 issue

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  • TB325 issue

    I wasn't suggesting on doing any modifications to the 325. I was just trying to figure out a way to cool it better, more theory if anything. Engine starts becomming erratic, or surging, I'll just continue on resetting the ECU as that appears to remove the problem.

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    cruiser, am I correct in assuming this is essentially a generator/alternator powered inverter, just like the original pipepro was???


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      Nope, same basic tech as a Ranger 305 with the chopper, so more of a hybrid. Same tech in the PP350. The PP304 is a generator powering a converted xmt304.

      I'm just concerned with the 325 with its 25 horse EFI kohler making too much heat, and no where really for it to go, let alone cool air getting to it in a hot enviroment. Like I mentioned, in the winter, they didn't give too many problems, but now, and its only May, I get calls every day.

      Like every machine, there are quirks


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        Now Kohler allows you to add a hot air kit, which in my opinion bakes the oil and cam. so adding a cold air kit providing kohler okays it or has one, is zero to do with Miller warranty. If it extends the life of the engine and subsequent components, I can't see Kohler disapproving of it.


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          If a motor cycle can have a radiator why don't they design a small CI welding machine engine that has one? It's getting to the point el cheapo global competition is going to ruin the world not make it better.


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            Would have been better off keeping it the same size as the 302 and add some cooling system to it, if it would avoid these overheating issues which I'm almost certain had to do with my machine going down. Even the replacement shuts down every once in a while, I suspect it to be from overheating because when I let it sit with the doors open for a while it magically works until it overheats again...


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              See, I thought this forum was also to report faults, and perhaps for Miller to have another look at the problems. If I had to t-shoot all the brands and report faults to respective tech supports, I'd be one the phone quite a bit. I report it here, and my other thread was terminated, as will this one likely.

              I reported it and maybe Miller or Kohler will fix it.

              Or simply I'll let it slide. I could have let the New Lincoln Ranger issue slide, And Kohler could have replace hundreds of engines, over and over again. Solved it and the fix is out there. think that the fix just appeared. Someone had to figure it out....


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                run heat exchanger in the oil pan with a 12 volt electric fuel pump to push the antifreeze through the exchanger and have a 12 volt electric fan radiator.

                This stuff is so simple I don't know why I'm not the CEO of Miller....


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                  TB325 issue

                  I thought that's what all the highly educated engineers were doing. Us real world common folk don't know anything. But like all things the proof is in the field, it works or it doesn't pretty simple.
                  Sometimes it's as simple as reversing air flow to pull hot air off engine instead of back over it. Or as cruiser said separate it. Ram air has been around long time and it works. But that may be to simple? One thing is sure a engine running to hot or ingesting air that is to hot will not last.
                  But I'm no engineer. Sorry.


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                    Sounds like a small air to air intercooler, and mounting a small fan on it could work.


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                      I've been in the market for an engine-drive of the TB/Ranger class for over a year and am following this problem with keen interest.

                      The Ranger overfill-double-fueling problem can be simply fixed, a Trailblazer overheating in Canada is a no-go. I live in S. Texas where the ground gets over 160F.

                      Maybe it's time to reconsider purchasing an air-cooled, 3600 rpm lawnmower-class machine altogether.


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                        Same here. Wished I hadnt sold my TB302 when I sold the farm.


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                          Just out of curiousity, has anyone welded Galvenized with the TB325 yet?
                          Just wondering on anyone elses results


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                            TB325 issue

                            I have welded a bit of galvanized metal, coolers. Machine seems to rev up more than carbon steel.


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                              I own several blue machines and several gray and red machines. The 302 TB is the best all around machine for my money are they still available or do you have to buy it with the attached air comp. Way to much money for that.


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