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TIG, even a blind squirrel...

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  • TIG, even a blind squirrel...

    Finds an acorn now and then!

    I've been tigging all day with the Diversion 165 and learning some stuff, I've been playing with dirfferent sized cups, gas rates and feeds.

    Mostly been watching the puddle to get a handle on that. Switched Tungstens too as I was using 2% thoriated on aluminum. Today I've been using my only orange. Ceriated??

    Over the course of the day I've seen an improvement in the control. Nowhere near calling myself a welder yet but at least I'm getting to look at the details. Watching the puddle seems paramount to me so far....

    The new WP-17 and silky cable seems a small advantage over the LS-17 stiff cable supplied with the Diversion.

    THANX to all of you Pro's for the guidance and encourement!!


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    Here's what I've learned today, center outwards with the peremiter being the last effort .

    Kinda makes me think of those Alien horror films but nonetheless you can see some progress from Moron to Clueless? Eh?

    After Clueless I get to speak loudly in bars about the craft, right?
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        Thats aluminum right? You should try PURE Tungsten, you'd probably see a bit more consistancy.


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          TIG, even a blind squirrel...

          Pure tungsten is for transformer based tig welders, keep using the orange/gray (new color) 2% ceriated on your inverter.


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            Good looking out brother, the only Alum. I have ever welded was with 2% so thanks for the correction.


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              I meant pure, thats all I have used personally.


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                Playing more today I seem to be doing better with smaller cups. I went away from the #8 gaslens and 3/32 rod and am doing a #6 standard cup. About 20 CFM.

                I'm thinking the #8 stuff is just about the maximum size for the Diversion and I may benefit from smaller.

                I ground off all the crap mess the Alien pic and I'm going at it again with smaller parts.

                Last time round I noticed a "solar flare" type hot spot at the top of the tungsten envelope. If that makes sense.

                I'll grind it again and see what it looks like then. Can I correctly assume the plume should look as stable as a gas torch?


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                  Hmmm, I'm out of argon and out of filler rod. maybe that's a good thing for the welding world....


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                    Fresh argon, more filler rods, different Tungstens, Let's go learn something! This aluminum welding has a lot of tricks to figure out


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