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Generator / Miller 212 compatibility

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  • Generator / Miller 212 compatibility

    Can I use my 5500-watt (208-V 30-amp) generator to power my Miller 212 for medium duty (1/8 - 3/16) welding repairs? I know i would have to rig up an adapter to make the connection, just not clear about the actual current draw of the welder. Obviously, would only be used for occasional use, and only for minutes at a time then.

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    Do a search on generators. There have been similar postings. Here's miller's reply on the 211.
    here's a post with miller response.

    In an older post I was asking about using gen power/ THD with the 211. Thought I would share what Miller said about it.

    " The Millermatic 211 is pretty forgiving when it comes to input power. As long as you have a generator that is providing roughly 60Hz power and at least 7,000 watts continuous 230 volt power the unit will be fine."

    You would have to check your 212 specs with the 211. Looks like you will need at least 7,000 watts.


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      You can run the 211 on the 5500 watt gen. But you won't get full power. You will have to use more amps than if you were plugged into a 30a wall outlet. This will not hurt your 211. And you will not be able to use auto set or the settings under the hood. I called miller with a question similar to this.. and thats what they told me. I couldn't get full power out of my mm180 when it was plugged into 5500 watts


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        Will a 212 run off 208v period?


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          Originally posted by Cgotto6 View Post
          Will a 212 run off 208v period?
          But what 5500 genset provides 208v? I doubt he has 208v

          208 is derived from a 3 phase feed


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            Yea I was thinking that was 3 phase, that's why I was wondering if it would work.


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              Originally posted by Cgotto6 View Post
              Yea I was thinking that was 3 phase, that's why I was wondering if it would work.
              You can still use Single phase machines on a 3 phase feed, you just use 2 legs of the 3.

              Depending on the type of 3 phase you can end up with:
              Phase to N= 120v
              Phase to Phase =208v

              here is a breakdown



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                I see. Thanks for the link. Love this forum, always learning something.


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