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Installing ornamental aluminum fence.

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  • Installing ornamental aluminum fence.

    I build and install alot of hand rail, However I'm being asked to come up with a price to install decorative aluminum fence that has 2-1/2" posts 6' on center.

    I have to dig 8" diameter holes about 3' down with the posthole digger on my tractor and fill with concrete.

    I will have to assemble the fence and posts and have it held in place prior to pouring concrete.

    How many feet can I expect to get done in a day and how much per lenial ft to charge. I have 330' to quote on fairly level ground.

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    There will be 3 men installing it.


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      So is it pre fabbed fencing that is secured by self tapping screws?


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        Check out to get some ideas... I can't post a direct link.

        www. fence-depot. com/fence/aluminum-fence/
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          Fabricator, Yes its High end aluminum fence, The company that I use specializes in nothing but aluminum railing and fencing, I've been installing their railings for about 12 years now in places like High schools, colleges, dealerships and have never had a come back other than when a car hits it.

          But now I have a customer that wants a fence so instead of core drilling into concrete which is my usual installation for railings, I will now have to auger holes with my tractor and pour concrete.

          The rail will have to be supported in place before I can pour the concrete.


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            I would charge somewhere around $20 a foot and take about 5-7 days to finish the job depending on the weather. I would put it together in the holes, and then add the concrete dry to hold everything in place while you level your posts. Then support it with some two by fours like a new palm tree. Mix the concrete in the holes at the end of the day so it can dry over night.
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              Don't mix in the holes. No way for the Crete to properly mix. Can't tell you how many times I have had to fix that situation when only the top couple inches gets wet. There is a reason cement mixers exist in the world.

              With that said, the time line depends a lot on if you will have a mixer or not. Mixing by hand will easy multiply the time by 3x+. If you have to rent a mixer from Home Depot or wherever, do it. It will pay for itself in the first 30 min. Also 3' is pretty dang deep, how tall is this fence gonna be?


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                With 3 men, one digging posts, one setting fence and one mixing and pouring concrete , I would guestimate 15 hours.


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                  any professional fence installer knows that mixing in the hole is the right way. If you read the back of the bag it even recommends mixing in the hole. I use a skinny shovel to mix it while adding water. When you are installing 330ft of fence, you don't need to multiply your time by 3.
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                    Haha, those must be those "professional" fence builders that stand out front of Home Depot. I have built miles of fencing, all types, and a sure way to get a call back is to not pre mix. There is a right way, and a way to cut corners to be able to come in at the cheapest bid. You choose.

                    Btw, I was referring to mixing by hand the proper way, in a wheel barrow, would take 3x longer than a mechanical mixer. Not the corner cutting way in the hole.
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