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Help something wrong with new smith regulator for mm252

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    Originally posted by clint738 View Post
    Why would you spend the money on a flow meter if you had a perfectly good regulator that measured flow rates (just without the floating ball thing)?

    How would a flow meter with the ball thing be any better? Is 25cfh different on one than the other. I'm new to regulator selections, so I would like to hear the pros and cons of each.

    I've had my problems with new machine regulators too.

    It's like why buy a Browning Citori over and under if you can hit with a 870 express, or why buy Snap On CDI torque wrenches if I a Chinese torque wrench can be had for $25....some folks just like a better mouse trap I guess..

    Also, I live out in the country and I don't want to go through the back and forth you are experiencing, it's not worth it to me.


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      Help something wrong with new smith regulator for mm252

      Agree with MMW, I run regs on my migs & flow meter on my Tig.
      Don't know how to tell if contaminated gas other than Smith may find it if they inspect the regulators u send back? Just very rare to have 3 bad regulators. Luck like mine :-(
      Rings on inlet normally means rebuilt reg. not new.


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        The needle reading off and not returning to zero may mean that the needle has slipped on the pin it is mounted on. (Sometimes caused by being driven around the the dial until it hits the pin from the other side) The rings on the nipple that attaches to the tank look like a spiral to me which would likely be caused by the tool not being pulled off the piece when it was rolled back at the end of the last cut during its manufacture. If you want to see if their is any foreign material being ejected from the tank tie a few layers of clean white cotton over the valve opening, no regulator attached and CAREFULLY blow some gas though it. It should act as a filter to catch anything other than gas coming out of the tank. Unless there is a whole batch of bad regulators out there you gotta have the worst luck going with regard to regulators. Hope it gets better.---Meltedmetal