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syncrowave 250 help 11

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  • syncrowave 250 help 11

    I need to stick weld with the sync 250 and I get help 11 when I start in dc+. I can start in dc- or ac with no problem. I set my process switches for stick welding in dc-, turn off the machine, switch to dc + and restart. All process lights are unlit and I get the help 11. {output selector switch is not in correct position**
    Any help would be much appreciated.

    The machine will stick weld in dc- and ac, just can't get dc+ to work.
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    If anyone is interested, I found out that the problem is more than likely a switch on the circuit board. Not a home fix, needs to go in for repairs. I was able to finish the job however. I just hooked the leads up backwards. The repair tech assured me that it would in no way damage anything but I may not have the functions I would normally have in DC +. IT worked good enough for me. Now I just have to load the monster up and take it to the repair shop.


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      Thx for the followup report. Hope it's not too expensive a fix.


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        The Miller tech told me to have the mechanic call them and they can walk him through a repair to the board rather than replacement. Still don't know the cost but he said it would save considerable amount of money.


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          Having the same problem HLP-11

          I have the same machine mine will not work at all , give a follow up when you get a chance . Im beating my head against the Blue Wall !


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            The board is like $150 to overhaul, unsure if that is expensive?


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              Syncrowave 250 DX Help 11 code, bad board, how to fix myself?

              My friend has a Syncrowave 250 DX that throws Help 11 when it's switched to DC straight. He talked to Miller tech support who said the problem could be a choke. The dealer he bought it from had it sent somewhere for service. They determined the problem is something on the main board, and said it costs $800 but it isn't covered under warranty. They also said that if he had the board in front of him & called Miller tech support they could help him figure out what to replace and that he could do it himself.

              I can't find a number for Miller tech support so I emailed them the above paragraph. Their reply was that:

              1) Help 11 code indicates that the output selector switch is not in the correct position,

              2) They only recommend authorized service centers to do repairs

              3) Installing the new main board into this machine is fairly simple but they do not assist nor do support end users digging into their machines because the situation could be hazardous.

              4) If you have further questions, please feel free to give us a call at 920 954 3610 or send us an Email with your questions.

              I'm waiting to hear back from my friend to see exactly what number he called, who he spoke to at Miller, etc before I reply or call. I have the board and cannot see anything obviously wrong or why a new one would cost $800. It's no more complex than a computer's motherboard. It would be great if the problem part is something that can be easily removed & a replacement installed with a soldering iron but I don't know what exactly is the bad part.


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